Welcome Week 2019


This will be one of the largest events you attend in your university career. Don’t miss out!


What’s the nightly cost?

You can purchase a ticket at the door for $7 (Monday – Thursday) and $10 (Friday)!

All Access Passes

You can purchase WW All Access Passes for $50 at the UWSA Offices or Eventbrite HERE. These passes allow you to skip the line and guarantees you entry to all 6 UWSA tent parties. 

Will there be food?

Yes, food will be catered by Mare Nostrum every night!


What if I’m not a UWindsor student?

Unfortunately, our tent parties are only open to UWindsor students! We will be checking all student IDs to ensure you are a student at the University of Windsor.

What if I don’t have my student ID yet?

If you have proof of enrolment that validates your status at the University of Windsor, and a supporting government issued I.D, you may be allowed entry.

If I’m not legal age to drink, can I still come party?

 Yes! Our tent parties are open for all ages. However, you MUST present ID at the door no matter what age or you won’t be able to enter. 

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