Womxn’s Centre Public Statement: Name Change

At the UWSA Annual General Meeting, students passed a motion to change the name of the Womyn’s Centre to Womxn’s Centre. The name change is something we have wanted for a while and for many different reasons. At the Centre, we try to challenge ourselves and self-critique as much as possible to ensure that we are maintaining an inclusive and educational space.

As an inherently political service, our values are always changing as we grow, learn, and unlearn. The spelling of “womyn” no longer represents what the centre’s values are or the inclusive nature that we try our best to maintain.

The term “womyn” originates from second wave feminism, an already exclusive feminist movement, and has been used in trans exclusionary feminist circles to refer to womyn born womyn-in other words: cis gender women. The term has been used to exclude the trans community and other identities.

For this reason, we have decided to change the spelling of “Womyn” in our service name to “Womxn”. This alternative spelling is trans inclusive, includes womxn of colour, acknowledges that biological anatomy plays a role in the oppression of womxn, and aims to achieve womxn independence from patriarchal linguistic norms.

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