Welcome Week Comes to an End
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And that’s a wrap! Thank you to all for making the UWSA Welcome Week 2016 a success!

Take a look at some of the highlights from this year’s Welcome Week! For the rest of the photos, check out the UWSA Facebook Page.

Execs at Kickoff Your 2016-2017 UWSA Executives have been at all the events during #UWSAWW2016 to make sure you’ve all had an awesome time!
From left to right: Vuk Zubic (VP Finance), Moussa Hamadani (President), Dan Popaj (VP Student Services), Matt Dunlop (VP Student Advocacy).

Dan and Sandra at Windsor Wonderland Party A special shoutout to Dan, VP Student Services and Sandra, Director of Student Life and Events for working tirelessly this whole summer to bring you an awesome #UWSAWW2016.
UWSA Lancer Kickoff Party
Sunday was move-in day and it was also the kickoff to the UWSA Welcome Week 2016! Students showed their Lancer pride and showed their spirit through dance! Find out more on the Lancer Kickoff Party.

UWSA Lancer Kickoff Party UWSA Lancer Kickoff Party
Country Night
Students saddled up and showed us a little country, line dancin’, hoedown during Monday’s Country Night!

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Dirty Bingo
O-69? This was NOT your grandparent’s Bingo! We had a full house for Dirty Bingo hosted by Sabin. Many jokes and laughs were had and many students left with toys and prizes.

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Glow Party
Students turned up the energy and really glowed from all the body painting, black lights, and colour from Tuesday’s Glow Party.

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Clubs Wipeout Challenge
The UWSA Welcome Week isn’t just about tent parties! We brought Student Groups together to test their teamwork and have some fun at the Clubs Wipeout Challenge!

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Windsor Wonderland
The Windsor Wonderland Party was full of surprises. We even got a nice little dance surprise from the Lancer Competitive Dance Company! 

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Hip Hop & Reggae Night
It was the first day of school but that didn’t stop students from jamming all night at the Hip Hop and Reggae Night. This night of dance was sponsored by the Nigerian Student Association.

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Toga Party
This Friday finale was a hail to the Romans! Students took their change to party  in Roman style with handmade togas and danced the night away.

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Shine Day
Lancers made us proud and SHINED the city during Shine Day! Students collected donations by washing cars, playing instruments, showing off talents, selling candy and other creative methods! Thanks to all who helped support Shinerama in the fight against cystic fibrosis.

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