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Keep the momentum! Help us protect our campus experience!

Let’s Cut to the Chase

For as long as the University of Windsor has been around, so has your student union. For 90 years the University of Windsor Students’ Alliance has been shaping the way you experience campus life. However, the UWSA still faces the dilemma of students not knowing who we are and what we do. Although you may not realize it, your student union is intertwined with your daily life on campus.


That bus pass you use when commuting to school or exploring the city.


That student club you’re apart of or thinking of starting.


That embarrassing dance move you snapped of your friend at the homecoming concert.


All these things and more are made possible through the support you give us as an organization. We are a student-led union designed to meet students’ needs. We are striving to enhance student life through advocacy, representation and service. We are your student union.


UWSA Services

Whether you’re in need of transportation, a safe space, or a place to make new friends, the UWSA provides a plethora of useful services for students. Services are managed by a student coordinator with a team of volunteers whom share a conscious and open-minded mandate to better serve our diverse campus community.

Student Jobs

The UWSA is one of the top rated employers on campus, providing unparalleled work and volunteer experience with catered career development for students to ensure they leave University with the best possible skillset and maximum employability. Employees work in our offices, our service centres, student events, and business affiliates. Our team is dedicated to helping serve the campus community and ensure that every Lancer has an unforgettable university experience.

150+ Groups

Every student club, group and society is rooted in our organization, and are given the opportunity to receive thousands of dollars in funding every year. Getting involved with clubs is part of the social foundation that helps create a memorable Univerity experience. Not to mention, it looks great on a resume!

“Being part of the UWSA made me feel like I am part of something so much bigger and for once I finally felt like WE could make a difference together for the students.”
Aashir Mahmood, 4th year Mechanical Engineering
“The UWSA has been an amazing liaison in ensuring our group, CAOS, is successful and run efficiently throughout the school year.”
Shaianna Coleman, CAOS President, 4th year Social Work Student
“As a society president, I was highly supported by the UWSA and its members when I needed it the most. It feels great being a part of a student union who can relate to its members and work to improve student experience.”
Zaynab Panjvani , Business Administration (Co-op) Candidate
“Volunteering for the Peer Support Centre has allowed me to not only gain counselling experience but also it lets me provide support and care for students who may feel as if they have no one to turn to.”
Fardovza Kusow, 2nd year Psychology with Thesis

Reasons to Love your Student Union

Below are all the services, campaigns, and resources that the UWSA provides to all students. Year after year, these initiatives support and celebrate campus diversity and make our student experience what it is.

Universal Buss Pass

The UWSA, OPUS, and GSS provide a universal student bus pass (U-Pass) for all students. At the affordable price of $66 per semester and unlimited rides during the school year on Transit Windsor buses (with the exception of the Tunnel Bus), your U-Pass is basically the key to the city! Simply tap your card on the readers upon boarding the buses and you’re ready to explore.

Health & Dental Coverage

We reduce the costs of a benefit plan for students that are not already covered. In this way, we use our collective strength in numbers to negotiate services students need to ensure a safe and healthy university experience. Check out how our UWSA health and dental plan can help you!

Coming Home Music Festival

Coming Home Music Festival (CHMF) is the University of Windsor’s annual homecoming festival brought to you by your very own UWSA! We strive to kick off each year with high energy, quality headliners, and unforgettable memories. Past musical acts have included Fetty Wap, Loud Luxury, Benny Benassi, Cash Cash, and Avicii.


CJAM is a nonprofit campus-based community radio station exclusive to your own campus. They provide music and information programming not offered by mainstream commercial media in the Windsor/Detroit area. CJAM serves people and groups within the community who are under represented or maligned by mainstream media by allowing a forum to express their views.

Peer Support Centre

The Peer Support Centre is a drop-in centre where students from across campus can find a supportive peer to talk to. It’s a safe and inclusive space where trained peer support volunteers offer peer counselling to students. Our volunteers are University of Windsor students who have gone through extensive training to better enable them to give support to their peers!

Clubs & Societies

With more than 150 Student Groups on campus, each UWSA Student Group has a niche in our campus community. To find a student group which best addresses your interests, visit the clubs directory on the UWSA Hub at www.hub.uwsa.ca. Can’t find a club you like? Make your own! A strong club culture makes campus a more vibrant and exciting place to learn and grow!


Every year, the UWSA offers up to $10,000 in scholarships and bursaries. UWSA scholarships are given out based on academic performance, extracurricular activities or community involvement!


Walksafe is a free service provided for all students, faculty, employees and visitors at the University of Windsor. Walksafe is a student-run, student-staffed volunteer program provided by the UWSA to ensure that everyone at the University of Windsor feels safe on our campus when travelling at night.

Womxn’s Centre

As an actively pro-choice, feminist space, the Womxn’s Centre provides guests with resources and information, as well as a positive, supporting environment and redirection to more specific resources if required. We also offer free sexual health resources and feminine hygiene products!


The UWSA works to ensure that all students are able to obtain a post-secondary education, regardless of their financial situation. The UWSA works to defend students’ interests by demanding that the University of Windsor remains accountable and that the Provincial Government adequately fund universities and colleges so that qualified students can obtain a post-secondary education.

Campus Food Pantry

Hungry for more than knowledge and need support to get some food? The UWSA Food Pantry is open to all students with valid UWindsor I.D. and we welcome you to check us out. The Food Pantry seeks to empower, aid, and build a culture that it is okay to receive assistance when needed!

Campus Pride Centre

The Campus Pride Centre provides a positive environment for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer, Questioning, Two-Spirited, Intersex, Pansexual and Asexual individuals and their allies on the University of Windsor campus. The Campus Pride Centre also holds a variety of events during the year for all to enjoy!


Office Services

The UWSA Office has a variety of services to offer to students. Come drop in during the hours of operations to take advantage of some of these services. You are also able to come to for any other general UWSA questions or inquiries. Services include International Student Identification Cards, button making, fax services, and booking Board Chambers!

Welcome Week

Welcome Week is the University of Windsor’s annual homecoming party! With nightly themed tent parties, we strive to kick off each year with high energy, engagement, and unforgettable memories.