Womxn’s Centre

Educate. Enhance. Empower.

The Womxn’s Centre operates as a free campus service providing a safe space and welcoming environment for people of all backgrounds and expressions.

As an actively pro-choice, feminist space, the Womxn’s Centre provides guests with resources and information, as well as a positive, supporting environment and redirection to more specific resources if required.

Feel free to visit the space to see all the resources and services we offer!
Mission Statement
  • Advocacy of the fundamental rights of womankind.
  • To educate others on issues surrounding women.
  • To promote and enhance the status of women
  • To support all women, as individuals or groups, whose needs and aspirations are consistent with our mandate.
  • To advocate for an educational system free of sexual bias.
  • To educate our community on women’s physical, economic, social and mental conditions.
  • To ensure accessibility to all women, especially womxn who face intensive discrimination.
  • To eliminate myths, stereotypes, and ignorance about the Womxn’s Centre, thus increasing participation and bridging gaps in the community.
The Womxn’s Center is open to volunteers via application, the forms are available on location.
womyn's centre
Womxn’s Centre Contact Info

Micaela Nimmo

519-253-3000 Ext. 4507 

icon-contact-location  Windsor, ON, N9B 3P4
Room 208, 
2nd Floor CAW Student Centre
401 Sunset Ave
Hours of Operation
icon-contact-hours Monday-Thursday: 10am-5pm
Friday: 10am-1pm

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