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Cycle and Discover Windsor

UbikeShare-logo-small The UWSA has worked with the University of Windsor, Alumni Association and Windsor Law to bring a bike share program to the University of Windsor community!

Biking is convenient and environmentally-friendly way to get around campus and the city.

Ubike Share uses Zagster to bring bike share to the University of Windsor campus.

Go to www.zagster.ca/ubike!


Annual Plan
  • $15.00 dollars sign up a year
    • First hour free
    • $2.00 a hour after the first hour
Daily Rate
$3.00 dollars an hour up to a maximum of $24.00
The first 100 people to sign up for a Ubike Share membership will receive a water bottle and a helmet! You will get an email later to confirm that you are part of the first 100.

Download the App

In order to use Ubike Share, you will need an Android or Apple device that can download the Zagster app.

How to get started

To get started:
  1. Join Zagster – via the app or online at www.zagster.com/join – If you’ve already joined, just Login on the app.
  2. Find Zagster – use the Map screen to find the closest Zagster bike dock to you.
  3. Borrow a Bike – on the Ride screen, enter the bike number printed on the Zagster bike you want to ride, and hit “Start Ride.” Use the code provided to unlock the bike.
  4. Ride and Return – Have fun and stay safe. Lock the bike up if you want to take a quick break. When you’re done, return the bike to the Zagster dock, lock it up, and hit the “End Ride” button in the app.




The Ubike Share is made possible by a collaboration of the University of Windsor, the UWSA, Alumni Association and Windsor Law.
UWSA Office For General Inquiries

519-253-3000 Ext. 3600 

icon-contact-hoursSign up for Ubike Share using the Zagster app or online at www.zagster.com/ubike

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