Students Ombuds Open House
The University of Windsor has a new resource for students that do not know where else to turn when they have a question or concern regarding any issues that have occurred at the University. On Thursday, November 24, the Student Ombudsperson held an open house for students to learn about what the Student Ombudsperson does.

The Office of the Student Ombudsperson is an accessible, confidential, impartial and independent office that is free to any part-time, undergraduate or graduate student. The office is jointly funded by the Graduate Students Society, the Organization of Part-time University Students and the University of Windsor Student Alliance.

During the Open House, Steve Jancev introduced Kris McInnis, who is the current Student Ombudsperson. Then, Ryan Flannagan, Associate Vice-President of Student Experience of the University of Windsor, Edward King, President of OPUS, Amin Safaei, President of GSS and Moussa Hamadani, President of the UWSA said a few words about why this service is important to students on campus.

Any students at the University of Windsor can use the office of the Student Ombudsperson as a resource. After the speeches, lunch was served for all to enjoy. 

Visit the Student Ombudsperson website for more information on the service.

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