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With more than 150 student clubs and societies on campus, each UWSA student group has a niche in our campus community.

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Start Your Own Student Group

Can’t find a student group for yourself? Start your own club! Ensure the group doesn’t already exist by checking out the directory on the UWSA Hub. If the group you wish to create does not exist, follow the ratification procedure to become a ratified student group on campus.

Questions? Email studentgroups@uwindsor.ca.

Ratification Procedure

Submit a Signature Form to the Student Groups Coordinator. The Signature Form can be found on the Student Groups Resource Forms page. Your group will be approved by the Student Groups Coordinator. Please note that membership must not drop below 10 members and must be comprised of at least eighty percent (80%) undergraduate University of Windsor students. You will have to provide the contact information of the President, Vice President, Treasurer and 10 general members. 

Questions? Email studentgroups@uwindsor.ca.

Ratified Student Groups

If your student group has already been ratified within the previous two semesters, you will not have to resubmit the ratification package. You will still need to hand in a new Signature Form. Find the Signature Form on the Student Groups Resource Forms page

Questions? Email studentgroups@uwindsor.ca.

Student Group Funding

Student Groups can request funding for an event or cause. Generally, the UWSA will consider events or causes which are related to and will benefit the student body. The UWSA is proud to provide funding to Student Groups in order to enhance the student life experience and foster a positive campus community. If you are interested in seeking funding from the UWSA, you must fill out a Club Funding Request Form which can be found on the Student Groups Resource Forms page and filled out online.

Forms and Events

You can find all the forms regarding Student Groups on the Student Groups Resource Forms page. If your student group is trying to create an event, please ensure you fill out the Event Form, which can be filled out online, on the Student Groups Resource Forms page.

Print Perks

As a member of a UWSA club or society, you can get a 15% discount off printing at the University Print Shop!


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