UWSA – University of Windsor Students' Alliance

Student Group Resources

Down below are a list of resources for student group administrators.  

All Student Groups are subject to the UWSA’s Student Groups Policy. 

All forms must be printed out and handed into the UWSA office.

Please note forms will no longer be accepted through email.  


 Types of Cheque Requisitions: 

All student groups are able to submit two types of cheque requisitions. 

  1. Reimbursement payments, which is typically for an expense that was paid for out of pocket by a member of the group. 
  2. Vendor/PO payments, which is when a group wants to pay an external vendor for their services (ex: florist for a gala, Dj services, t-shirts/jackets, etc.) 

 How to Submit: 

To be approved, cheque requisitions must include the following: 

  • The group MUST be a ratified group with the UWSA. This means that a signature form must have been submitted to studentgroups@uwindsor.ca.
  • The completed cheque requisition form:
    • Name and information of the individual submitting. (Must be a Signing Authority.)
    • Name of the individual/company/vendor to whom it is payable. 
    • The total amount requested.
    • Signatures from 2/3 group signing authorities approving the cheque requisition. *These signatures must be consistent with the signature form that was submitted. A signing authority cannot sign off on their own cheque requisition. 
    • If seeking reimbursement, then receipts, an invoice indicating a balance of $0.00, bank statement, or equivalent proof of payment that shows that the amount being requested is consistent with the amount that was spent. 
    • If paying a vendor or company, the invoice is required. 
    • Minutes from Group Council Meeting where the expense was approved, if the amount is over $1000.00. *You do not need to include minutes if you are reimbursing a member who spent over $1000.00 in group expenses. 
  • A signing authority must email the completed and signed form, along with the relevant documents to chequerequwsa@uwindsor.ca using the subject line “CHEQUE REQUISITION – GROUP NAME” 
  • The other two signing authorities MUST be CC’d on the email.
  • Once you send, the VPFO will respond with whether the cheque requisition is “approved” or whether there are missing documents. 

 *If submitting multiple cheque requisitions, an individual email submission must be made for each one. The UWSA will not approve or respond to any cheque requisition email that has more than one requisition at a time. * 

Ex: If you are submitting two cheque requisitions, you must send two separate emails. One for each cheque requisition. 


  • Cheque requisition is submitted by a group that is not ratified. 
  • Cheque requisition is submitted by someone other than a signing authority.
  • Cheque requisition does not have two signatures from two signing authorities. 
  • Cheque requisition is missing supporting documents such as receipts, invoices, minutes, etc. 
  • Cheque requisition was sent to an email other than chequerequwsa@uwindsor.ca 
  • Cheque requisition is requesting an amount higher than what the receipts indicate. 
  • Cheque requisition is requesting an amount higher than what the group has in their account. 
  • Cheque requisition requests the reimbursement of alcohol. Student fees cannot be used to pay for alcohol. 
  • More than one cheque requisition was included in a single email. 

FundinG Requests

In this section, you will find important steps and information in regard to seeking funding for events.  


  • All Funding requests must be submitted 2 weeks prior to the event. The link to the submission form can be found above. 
  • Submission of a letter that outlines a detailed description of your request; 
  • explanation of how the event will benefit University of Windsor students; 
  • expected participation and; 
  • what attempts were made to seek funding/sponsorship elsewhere. 


Important Notes: 

  • Any funding requests of up to $300.00 will be approved (or rejected) at the discretion of the Vice-President Finance & Operations within three (3) business days, and; 
  • any request over $300.00 must be brought to the UWSA’s Finance Committee in accordance with UWSA Policy 17.3.  

Social Media Kit

Social Media Kit 

Want to promote your members to register into your group on the UWSA Hub? This handy social media kit has all you need to get started. Inside the social media kit are story and post graphics for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and a banner you can put on the bottom of other posts. Each post type is tailored for groups, clubs, and societies. 

Social Media Kit (Download)