UWSA – University of Windsor Students' Alliance

We’re Here to Serve

The UWSA Office has a variety of services to offer to students. Come drop in during the hours of operations to take advantage of some of these services. You are also able to come to for any other general UWSA questions or inquiries.

International Student Identification Card (ISIC)

ISIC gets you great deals when you travel and are covered as part of your membership in the Canadian Federation of Students. This card is available for all full-time undergrads both domestic and international at no charge! For discounts and more information on the card visit www.isiccanada.ca. Contact the UWSA office or come to the UWSA office to find out how to get yours.

Fax Services

Need to send a fax? All incoming faxes incur a fee of 25¢ per 5 pages. Outgoing faxes cost 25¢ per 5 pages. Come to the UWSA Office to send your fax.

Lost cards can be replaced at the cost of $15 at the UWSA office. Please note that it may take a couple of days for lost cards to be processed and replaced.

Health and Dental Claims and General Inquiries

The UWSA, on behalf of its members, negotiates a health and dental plan for those students who are not already covered under their own or their parents’ benefit plans. More information can be found on the Health and Dental page. To find full plan information please visit www.studentcare.ca/uwsa. You can use the Studentcare website to submit claims, set up direct deposit, view past claims and more. You are also able to submit claims through the UWSA office but you will not have the same tracking abilities as you would if you filed online. Feel free to contact the UWSA office for other general inquiries regarding your health and dental plan.

Financing and General Inquiries about Clubs and Societies

UWSA student groups such as clubs and societies are able to get free internal banking through the UWSA. You can go to the UWSA office for deposits, reimbursements and to check your statement. You can find more information on clubs and societies in the Student groups page. You can also go to the UWSA office for student group forms but those can also be found on the UWSA Hub.

Book the Council Chambers

The Council Chambers can be booked for student club and societies. The Council Chambers is located on the second floor of the Student Centre and is great for meetings. To book the room, contact the UWSA office.

Button Making

Round buttons can be made for a discounted rated to student clubs and societies. There are “small buttons” that are 1.5 inches in diameter and “big buttons” that are 2.5 inches in diameters. The small buttons cost $0.15 per button and the large buttons cost $0.20. The templates for the buttons can be found here. Please ensure you are using the template for the round buttons.

Bus Ticket and Passes

The UWSA office sells bus tickets and passes for students. For fare prices, please go to www.twfares.ca. Get more information about the Universal Bus Pass here