UWSA – University of Windsor Students' Alliance

U-Pass Update for Winter 2023

Get on board the bus!

The UWSA, OPUS and GSS negotiated a universal student bus pass (U-Pass) for UWSA, OPUS and GSS students, In order to use U-Pass, students will need to tap their U-Pass cards on the readers upon boarding the bus.
Students must have their student ID when using the bus pass. 

The U-Pass allows members to have unlimited rides on the regular Transit Windsor city service during the Fall 2022 and Winter 2023 semesters.

Driving today for a better Tomorrow 

Transit Windsor operates the public transit service for the municipality of the City of Windsor. You can view the route maps and schedules for the service area map at the Transit Windsor website at www.citywindsor.ca/transitwindsor. You can also view the terms and conditions and other useful information on the site. 


The U-Pass costs $150.78 for the Fall and Winter semesters of each year. The fee is assessed to students during the Fall semester in their student fees. If you were not enrolled in the Fall semester and begin classes in the Winter semester,  you will only be assessed for the Winter semester at $75.39.

Lost cards can be replaced at the cost $15 at the UWSA office. Please note that it may take a couple of days for lost cards to be processed and replaced. 


All undergraduate students can pick up your UPass at the UWSA Offices at the following times:

Winter Bus Pass pick up will begin January 5th, 2023

Monday-Thursday: 9:30am-4:30pm

Friday: 9:30am-3:30pm. 

What to bring:
  • Student ID, or
  • Government-issued photo ID

Opt-out Information

Winter Opt-Out period: January 5th, 2023 – February 3rd, 2023

Fall Opt-Out period: September 5th, 2022 – September 30th, 2022

Please Note:  Winter opt-out is for incoming students who were not charged the U-pass fee in the Fall semester. If you completed the opt-out in the Fall semester you do not need to opt-out during the Winter Semester. If you missed the opt-out in the Fall semester you cannot opt-out during the Winter Semester.

Graduate Students must Opt-Out through the Graduate Student Society (GSS) 

In order to Opt-Out:
  1. You must be a registered permit holder of a University of Windsor parking pass; OR
  2. You must reside, throughout the year, outside of the transit coverage area(see eligible area codes below);OR
  3. You are participating in a student exchange program outside the Windsor Transit area for 8 months or more during the Fall 2022 and Winter 2023 semesters. 

Before you Opt-Out, understand that you cannot opt back in under any circumstances until the next school year. 
Please Note: Submitting an opt-out does not guarantee an opt-out.



Eligible for Opt-Out: N0P, N7L, N7M, N0L, N0R, N9V, N8H, N8M, N8N, N9K, N9Y, N9J, N9H

Documents Needed: 

One (1) government-issued piece of identification:

  • Driver’s Licence 
  • Passport
One (1) Additional proof of current residence: 
  • Bill or statement in your name (bank statement, credit card)
  • Paystub


Documents Needed:

All of the following:

  • Photocopy of parking pass (must be the registered permit holder); and
  • Photo ID (either government-issued or Student ID)



  • Only the registered permit holder is eligible to opt-out
  • If multiple persons are using the same information to opt-out, all will be disqualified from receiving a refund

Getting your money back 

Eligible students who successfully opted out in Winter 2023 will be reimbursed via cheque, for $75.39. Cheques will be processed in approximately mid- March. 

Eligible students who successfully opted out in Fall 2022 will be reimbursed via cheque, for $150.78. Cheques will be processed no later than mid- November. 

 Deactivated U-pass cards

U-Pass cards that have been stolen or lost will be deactivated. Once the card has been deactivated, it is no longer active and will, therefore, prevent any other individual from using the card. Any U-Pass replacements that are made automatically deactivates the previous card, consequently, the only U-Pass card that is active is the most recent U-Pass that was acquired by the student.