OPIRG’s Alternative Welcome Week
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Alternative Welcome Week offers 100% FREE events to introduce students to the dynamic social, environmental and political movements in our beautiful city of Windsor, both on and off campus. This includes things like local music, food, fair trade coffee and events to encourage students to be active at all levels of society – from forming friendships and student groups on campus, to networking with community members and organizations that may have resources, important information, and volunteering opportunities.

OPIRG’s is to bring people from the local community together to give them inspiration about what our non-profit organization is hoping to achieve with our program for all students to brainstorm, learn, share, and take action on issues relating to social and environmental justice both on-campus and off-campus.

To find out more about our student-funded organization, you can go to
http://www.opirgwindsor.org/for more information! To find out more about Alternative Welcome Week, you can check our Facebook event page for updates: https://www.facebook.com/events/723022271378859/ 

Some of the events this week include:

Trish Mills – Resisting Arrest Workshop

Thursday, September 13th 9-12 – Vanier Hall – Oak Room


Occupy, Ferguson, Standing Rock, Charlottesville, #J20, the G8/G20 summits; more and more we see political activists being targeted for arrest. Police often rely on the fear induced by [potential] arrest to force compliance, civil obedience and passivity. 

Learn to resist the fear of arrest by increasing awareness and knowledge of how it is to be arrested in the context of political activism. Learn about your [theoretical] rights at demonstrations and during interaction with police, common charges, the pros/cons of intentional arrests [like we’ve seen on Burnaby Mountain and elsewhere], as well as why and how we might be able to avoid it. The hope is that by sharing information and experiences, individuals will be more prepared and empowered to take action themselves to do what’s needed, and what’s right – even when it may involve risk

Decolonization in Action -Professor Cara Fabre

Thursday, September 13th 10-12 – Vanier Hall – Rose Room


Professor Cara Fabre comes to Women’s and Gender Studies from teaching literature as a powerful mobilizer and does community-based anti-poverty and transformative justice work. Professor Fabre will host a workshop based on Decolonization in Action with co-facilitator, Beth Cook, who is Anishinaabe Kwe Bkejwanong First Nation and does work on decolonizing education.


Professor Reem A. Bahdi – Access to Justice

Thursday, September 13th 1:30-2:30 – Vanier Hall – Rose Room


Professor Bahdi joined the Faculty of Law in 2002. Her current research focuses on two areas. The first concentrates on the human rights dimensions of national security laws and policies in Canada. The second focuses on access to justice in the Palestinian context.


The OPIRG Mixer (Food included)

Friday, September 14th 6pm – Vanier Hall – Oak Room


At this mixer, you will have the opportunity to network with fellow Windsorites, activists/changemakers, and any representatives from local organizations that may attend. There will be FREE food and beverages, so if you don’t come for the networking, at least come for the snacks!

Full Lineup here: https://uwsa.ca/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/AWW-2018-Schedule3-1.pdf

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