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“Dozens of handmade signs were on the grounds of Dieppe Park, each of them with their own unique wording. One said to “stop the violence,” another said to “stand with me.” People were allowed to take any sign which best resonated with them, and for fourth-year women’s studies student Dhouha Triki, it was “not in my house.”

“These are acts I would condone in my own house,” Triki said. “I would raise my son to respect women and to understand what it means to be a woman.”

Attendees for Take Back the Night ensured their voices were heard loud and clear Sept. 24 as this year’s rally attracted roughly 200 people from a deep variety of backgrounds and local organizations. An event which has gained momentum with each passing year, emotions were defined as the efforts to combat violence against women remains a hard-earned fight, particularly in North America in light of recent events such as the Brock Turner trial and the national inquiry towards Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women.

A student and coordinator for the university’s Womyn’s Centre, Sarah Noureddine helped set up the evening, and interprets the title of Take Back the Night as a literal action which needs to be made, for while progress has been found when it comes to outreach, there’s still plenty of ground which needs to be covered.”
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WindsoriteDOTca also covered the event and took photos. See below for the photos taken from them. tbtn_windsoritedotca5 tbtn_windsoritedotca4 tbtn_windsoritedotca3 tbtn_windsoritedotca2

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