Important Documents
Stop! This is where things can get technical, legal and even a little serious. There are a number of documents that describe how the UWSA works. Grab a cup of coffee and get ready for a good read.

UWSA Documents
The By-Laws are the foundational, legally-governing document of the UWSA. They are the ultimate source of authority for how the UWSA operates. The By-Laws outline our name, purpose, structure and provide broad direction on how the UWSA conducts itself.

Policies are the regulations that outline the day-to-day business of the UWSA. They are regularly reviewed by the Board and periodically changed to adapt to our ever changing culture. Think of this as the “how” to the UWSA.

  • Elections Policy – This policy governs the process for elections within the UWSA.
  • Referendum Policy – This policy governs membership-wide questions regarding referendums within the UWSA.
Still don’t understand the difference? Tip: By-Laws tell us “what” to do. Policies tell us “how” to do it. 
Organizational Chart
This chart gives a visual representation of how the various positions and departments within the UWSA are structured and related to each other.
Board & Committee Meeting Schedule 

Board and Committee meetings are held to insure the success of the UWSA by rallying and establishing clear objectives that help to better serve UWSA members. Board and Committee meetings start up in September, end in April, and are open to all members of the UWSA.

University of Windsor Documents
Student Code of Conduct 
While the UWSA is a legally incorporated organization that operates independent of the University of Windsor, all University students remain accountable to the Student Code of Conduct. This document outlines universal expectations on common decency so all Lancers can enjoy a safe, non-judgmental student environment. 
Sign Posting Policy 
This is the University of Windsor’s requirements for posting signage on campus. Take a look before hanging up a poster somewhere. You may not see it the next day! 
If you ever have questions regarding these documents, please contact the UWSA at

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