Fardovza Kusow

Hello! My name is Fardovza Kusow and I am running to be your next UWSA President! For 2 years I have been a peer counsellor on campus as well as coordinating the African Diaspora Youth Conference, one of the largest student-run conferences on campus. For the last two years, I’ve been involved in different areas of student life. I’ve hosted events and organized conferences, and in working with counselling services, I have heard the voices of our students – like you – firsthand. To me, UWSA president isn’t someone who goes into the office to sign a few papers and then leave; I want to represent you all as best as I can, and my campaign focuses on building that relationship with three principles: COMMUNITY – Our campus has the capability to build more pride on and off-campus. I want to showcase our student life by working with varsity, recreational groups as well as student groups to engage our campus. I will incorporate our athletics and amazing sports teams with our main campus, ensuring that our school spirit lives on, and not just throughout welcome week. I also plan to implement an international student strategy, to ensure that all international students who attend UWindsor will feel truly welcomed and appreciated by their campus. INCLUSION – We have a beautiful, diverse UWindsor student body, and I would like to see that represented in UWSA. By adding a racialized representative and a 2SLGBTQ+ representative on our UWSA board. Your voices deserve to have a seat at the table. I’m also going to improve student engagement in Social Work and SoCA (School of Creative Arts). I will do this by implementing consistent office hours in the downtown UWSA campus. All students deserve to know what is going on within their union, regardless of their location. TRANSPARENCY – This ties everything together. Without transparency, you lack trust and engagement, especially in regards to student life. Students have a right to be informed of what’s going on within their student union in more easy and accessible ways. I plan on doing this by publishing agenda highlights before meetings, as well as live streaming all public meetings. In the beginning of the year, I plan to publish a list of goals UWSA has and would like to achieve in the year, and will continuously update the list with what we have accomplished, and what’s still needing to be done. With this list, we will be able to allow students to give their input on what their student union has done so far and if they wish to contribute, they can. INCLUSION, TRANSPARENCY, and COMMUNITY all tie in together, and with these three elements NO ONE IS LEFT BEHIND! UWSA has not had a female president in 7 years, and I would love to be the person to break that streak. With that being said, vote Fardovza Kusow on March 18th and 19th to see some real change on campus! #FuturewithFardovza


Herman Dayal

Hey Lancers! Firstly, props for navigating through such an intense election, especially with all the posters plastered in C.A.W! My name is Herman Dayal and I’m running to be your next UWSA President. I’m currently in my fourth year studying Health & Biomedical Sciences, and all of my friends in Sci Lounge will attest when I say I LOVE chatting and listening to my peers! While I’ve spent four years in science, student advocacy and government were always deep passions of mine, which is why I came back to serve a second term on Science Society this year. Being able to help plan career panels, the annual Speaker Series presentation, and other valuable events resonated with my interest of finding new and improved ways to enrich the student experience. This passion of working for students was a lesson I took with me as I worked with faculty in the Biology Department on its council, SOS, Let’s Talk Science, and so on. While many different initiatives have shaped me into a better person, the most consequential has been my role as this year’s Food Pantry/Walksafe coordinator with the UWSA. Improving accessibility and availability of the services was a key priority, which is why I raised Food Pantry operations to twenty hours/week (compared to last year having six) and ensuring Walksafe opened all five days of the week. Having worked with society presidents to organize a campus-wide food drive and with community partners to contribute food/money to the Food Pantry, I’m proud to report we have been able to bring in over $7000 worth of donations! While being a service coordinator stressed the importance of creativity and perseverance, it also reminded me of the responsibility I have with student dollars and trust. Being in a position to make consequential decisions, like maximizing resources to prevent students from going hungry, this job has also taught me another important trait needed to be president- having the ability to make critical and crucial decisions in tough times, so students are continuously represented and advocated for. Having listened to student concerns, as well as remembering the sacrifice my parents made on their careers for my sister and I, I came across a common theme- the dependence and desire for a successful job and career after school. My vision for next year is centered around preparing students for success after university and making sure the UWindsor experience is truly one of promise. Given this is our union, I plan to accomplish our goal with three O’s: Opinions, Optimization, and Opportunity. Connecting with students more directly allows the UWSA to listen better and address real student issues! Through improved engagement with your elected representatives, ensuring marginalized groups are heard and represented, as well as making sure the process of feedback is more accessible, this will ensure your opinions continue to be valued by a UWSA you so deeply trust and invest in. While the UWSA offers a lot, that doesn’t mean we can’t have new ideas and optimize what we currently have! By connecting the services to remote parts of campus (like HK and the Downtown campus), improving operational hours and accessibility of student spaces on campus, and improving relations with key student expenses (such as Food Services, Parking, etc.), we can make sure the UWSA and UWindsor are continuing to serve and help important student needs. After listening to your opinions and optimizing what we have, it’s important you have multiple opportunities to succeed and grow! Improving opportunities to get involved in the community helps develop important skills, better preparing you for your career ahead! By making experiential learning and volunteer opportunities more easily available, providing workshops on important life/transferrable skills, and providing ways to get involved with the numerous events we have on campus, this will continue to help you grow and develop priceless skills for the future ahead. Of course, this is only possible when we all come and work together, which is why I chose the slogan “Opportunity Through Unity”. With a new and novice executive team, the recent Student Choice Initiative and its possible return, as well as uncertainty over the current pandemic, it’s very understandable to feel scared, confused, and hopeless. But even if I’m not a psychic and the waters seem choppy, these aren’t times we can’t get through, as long as we stick together. While our diversity has been our strength and we are so different in race, faculty, age, and every other category, it has also been our common identity as Lancers that has gotten us through the storm clouds and it’s what will continue to do so. I’m a firm believer that all we prosper together when we all work together. Even though I’m graduating this year, it is through this unity and collective identity that I wish for your support and blessing to allow me to commit my full time and energy to serving you as your president, free from midterms, assignments, and other things that may distract me from this core promise I’m making to you. On March 18th and 19th, I humbly and confidently ask you to vote Herman Dayal to be your next UWSA President. · Herman Dayal (personal) · Herman4President (page) · herman_d

Vice President Finance & Operations

Petar Bratic

Hi, my name is Petar Bratic. I’m running for Vice President of Finance and Operations of the UWSA. I’ve been a director of the UWSA since November of last year, and the reason I am running for the VP Finance position is because I’ve realized that we need change. Students wait way too long for their refunds. They don’t even know where their money is going, yet they send a larger portion of their fees to the UWSA. Some students don’t even know what the UWSA is or where the office is when they need help. This all needs to change. Part of my pledge is to serve half of my office hours in student spaces, among students, not holed up in the UWSA office in the back corner of the second floor of the CAW, so that I am accessible to students when they need it. So when you have questions about when your cheque will be ready, or what to do about a problem, you know you have someone you can talk to, someone who will always be accessible to you and ready to listen. But to make all this happen, I need your help. This Wednesday, vote for me, Petar Bratic, for Vice President of Finance and Operations of the UWSA. We’ll make change and accountability happen, together. Just a snapshot of my plan: Serving Office Hours in Student Spaces – I plan to serve 50% of my office hours in student spaces easily accessible to students, because being holed away in the back corner of the second floor of CAW is not the way I want to operate. I plan to serve office hours in the SOCA building downtown, in Engineering, Odette, Science Lounge, and various other buildings on campus, because when students need to speak to someone about problems they’re facing with their money, they deserve a VP Finance & Operations that’s accessible. Making Reimbursements Happen More Quickly – One of the biggest complaints people make about the UWSA is that their money is being held up. This is unacceptable. The process needs to change. I pledge to make reimbursements happen more quickly, but also to make sure that students are able to track the status of their reimbursement, so that you know exactly what’s going on with your money. Increasing Transparency – You deserve to know where every single penny you give the UWSA goes. This is important for a number of reasons, but aside from the obvious one of keeping the UWSA accountable, I want to make sure students are able to speak out about where they want their money going. Making Club Funding More Accessible – All clubs should have access to club funding. In my role as VPFO, I will help clubs through the entire funding request process, but also promote the availability of club funding, so that student volunteers stop spending money out of pocket. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions or comments. I’m always available to chat – before the election and after! · @petar.bratic @pbratic

Obinna Chigbo

Vote for faster communication between you-the students, and the UWSA Place your right hand on your chest and say out loud: I solemnly swear To vote Obinna Chigbo As my next VP of Finance & Operations Because I want what is best For me and my fellow students Hello everyone, I’m Obinna and I want your vote for VP Finance & Operations in the UWSA. My goal is to quicken the communication process between students, clubs, and the UWSA to create more events, allowing for students to engage in more of the activities they would like to see occur at the university and in the city. How I’ll do it: 1. Increase VP Finance office hours from 25 hours a week to 35 hours a week. That’s more time responding to your emails and answering your questions so you can make fast decisions. 2. Set a 24 hour maximum for cheque reimbursements. That way, students like you get your money back quickly to pay your rent, pay for groceries, and all your other expenses. 3. Implement financial direction program to direct students to proper services for any sort of financial advice you need. No more confusion about where to go with your personal or academic financial problems.

Hannan Sadar

Vice President Student Services

Jasleen Dayal

What’s up Lancers! The 2020 UWSA elections are here and I’m ready for yet another fun-filled year! My name is Jasleen Dayal, currently serving as one of your elected UWSA Board Directors, and this year I’m asking for your support in becoming your next Vice President of Student Services for the 2020/21 term. As I prepare to head into my third year of Political Science here at UWindsor, I am beyond honored expressing my gratitude to the many clubs and societies that welcomed me with open doors and gave me a chance to join their community. Whether it be late nights at the library catching up on procrastinated readings as I prioritized upcoming club events or running across campus between meetings – I can’t begin to express just how much I appreciate those moments. As I reflect on the experiences I’ve had being on a wide range of clubs, I realize just how grateful I am for all of the lessons I’ve learned along the way. To name a few, being on Relay for Life as a registration coordinator made me value working with individuals supporting those affected by cancer, my time on the Best Buddies outreach team made me realize the beauty of building friendships of a lifetime between peer buddies and individuals with intellectual disabilities, and Share-A-Smile taught me how a bit of compassion goes a mile’s length. My time serving on UWSA’s board of directors as your elected FAHSS representative taught me a background of governance within the union, allowed me to advocate for concerns of the student body to be addressed, and voting for changes to be implemented. Not only have I created a strong knowledge of the UWSA through serving as a board member for the past year, I held a position in multiple UWSA committees including the Students Services Committee and the Governance & Policy Committee. Serving on the Student Services Committee (chaired by the VP Student Services), I worked closely with the VPSS and other board members to develop methods to better serve, involve and improve the student body and overall student experience. Recognizing there is such an assorted range of students on campus, my plan is to create improved social events that students would actually be interested in attending. My platform is quite straight to the point, making it an uncomplicated and feasible strategy for success: enhancing the student experience through involving more students in the event choosing process, and making sure events are inclusive to all. By incorporating the student body further into the event choosing process, as your next Vice President of Student Services I can ensure events that are planned and executed are much more reflective of what you want. Creating focus groups to work with not only faculties but different groups (such as our residence students, international students, sororities & fraternities, and much more!), and making the Student Services Committee more open to the public are just a few of the many ways I plan to make sure you have a voice in what happens on campus. Learning more about what the students want is single-handedly the most important way I can take on an event operation stance to make sure that events you want to see happen. I’m all ears for you, Lancers! With thousands of us sharing the same campus, it’s important to make sure events that happen are ones that promote a safe and welcoming environment for all of us. By ensuring social gatherings and events are open, inclusive and intersectional to each and every single person on our campus – regardless of sex, ethnicity, race, or sexual orientation – we can work to bringing all of us closer together. No matter how you identify, I’m here to make sure you feel safe and welcomed. As a woman of a visible minority myself, I’ve firsthand struggled at times with feeling valued and respected. I understand how much of a struggle it can be to be in an environment that consistently puts you down. Together, we can hold events that bring us closer as Lancers, but still respect and celebrate just how much of a diverse campus we are – allowing us all to grow and prosper together! Along my journey, I’ve been able to meet so many unique and talented individuals with amazing and creative ideas for what they want to see, but feel they can’t find the right outlet that will listen to them and bring their dreams into reality. To the one who stays up late night after night trying to be the best they can be, To the one who’s trying to find their voice in the vast sea of peers, To the one who’s struggling to find a sense of belonging in the campus environment, I’m here to let you know I’m listening and rooting for you. I’m here to celebrate just how far we have come together as a campus as we take our next steps into the whirlwind of changes we’ve been through these last few days. We’re in this together – vote Jasleen Dayal to be your next UWSA Vice President of Student Services and we can make sure that the student experience is one that reflects all of our interests. This year, let’s come out stronger than ever – #JoinJas and let’s make this year one to remember. All the best and as always, stay golden Lancers!

@jasleendayal00 · @jasleendayalVPSS · @jaskdayal · @jaskdayal

Hailey Robertson

Hey my fellow Lancers! I hope you all are doing well and taking time for yourselves while classes are out. My name is Hailey Robertson, I am from Toronto, and a first-year student at the U. I am currently running for VP of Student Services for the 2020 - 2021 term. I believe I am the best candidate for this position, for many reasons. I am here to increase the services that are brought to you on campus. As a first-year student this year I feel that I am best for this position, as my job would be to ensure the happiness and success of first years coming in for the years to come. I believe that I can bring them joy and excitement that will last from their first day till their last. Considering I lived in residence my first year I believe I am best to help support Rez services and food services, as I had even worked in food services before too, so then I know exactly when to bring this school to make it a happier and better place. I want everyone here to feel included and loved, so it makes being away from home easier, especially for those who are new to town, such as me. If you were to vote me as your future VP of Student Services, you would not be let down. I’m here to make a change and to hear your voice to ensure you are comfortable with being on your campus. If you vote me VP I want to hold monthly meetings with not just clubs and faculty’s, I want to open them to the whole campus community to hear from everyone and not restrict anyone’s voice. I also want to take votes on what events you want to see happen on this campus, because at the end of the day the events that happen here aren’t for me, they’re for you! And I want you to be happy with them. I am here because of you, For You! So please let’s all remember to vote for Hailey Robertson VP of student services on March 18th and 19th, and together we can all make a change! If you have any questions or concerns about myself or my campaign, please don’t hesitate to message me on my social media. · @hayylee_ann_01 · @julybabe12

Sam Salazar

Prior to introducing my campaign points, I think it is important for students to get familiar with myself. I am a fourth-year political science student, and president of various clubs on campus, including Model UN. Additionally, I have previous experience with UWSA that makes me a viable candidate for this position. I have worked for the past two years as Campus Pride Coordinator, providing a safe space to the queer minority on campus, but now I’d like to advance and cater similar services to all students on campus. Increasing of School Pride The reason I am running for this position is because I found an issue and want to make improvements to the University system. Through this position, I had direct communications with issues the first-year students experienced in their transition. There is a disconnection between Residence and the UWSA and a system can be developed to improve this connection. Residence students (especially first years) should be a targeted audience when trying to improve Lancer spirit and pride. They need to know about the events, the RA's need to be informed about the events, and the UWSA executives should be introduced to the students. Every month, the Residence Life Staff has on-going training. This could be an opportunity where the UWSA members can bring their posters for events, explain their events, and the RA's could relay the message. This provides a form of communication and an organized system to ensure student participation and proper advertising for the best outcome. If elected, I would create this connection by attending meetings and interacting with residence students to ensure proper advertising and to build a relationship I am already familiar with. Student engagement is connected with first years because it's their first year, so it leaves a first impression in continuation of being a proud Lancer. This can be done through the enhancement of the current first year student council, with elected representatives in order to increase engagement from first year students and their know-how of university experience. Student Engagement Student engagement is very important to me. As noted previously, the student engagement of first years is crucial. However, the aim is not solely first years. International students make up a great percentage of the students population and have a low participation rate. They pay enough fee's that they should be getting the full experience. In order to solve this issue, there needs to be collaboration. Communication is key and through collaborations with ISC (International Student Centre) and the International Student Society, more opportunities could be provided to international students in order to offer multicultural events. I believe that something that makes Windsor unique is its multiculturality; if we are able to capitalize on this, Windsor would embrace what makes it a distinct campus. Advocating for Campus Life University is an academically and mentally tolling experience. This is why mental health is an important topic. It is important for students to know what resources are available and to advertise the options being offered. If elected, I will be making sure that students have these resources and not only are able to use them, but also feel encouraged to be a part of them. Increasing engagement through direct learning, will create more cultured and well-learnt individuals, that are able to support peers going through similar situations. There are also other initiatives related to campus life that I would like to deal with. This includes, but is not limited to: a. Lobby the relevant departments for more water bottle stations, better food options, and working plugs in Leddy b. Provide better services for students who are not on main campus such as HK, Social Work, and the School of Creative Arts. This includes but is not limited to food options, pop-up UWSA services, and remote access to University services like Student Accessibility Services and Student Counselling c. Work on providing better degree audit services so students can read and understand their program requirements


Vice President Student Advocacy

Nicole Hermann

Hey students! My name is Nicole Hermann and as a candidate for Vice President of Student Advocacy, I strongly believe that this position is made for someone who will strive to passionately advocate for ALL students, in any given situation. Being in my 3rd of study, I have been on campus long enough to have lived many wonderful experiences and milestones during my academic journey. However, despite all the memorable experiences, I have also had the opportunity to face obstacles that us as students face every day. Unfortunately, these challenges can play a role in threatening our academic success and the quality of our overall student-experience at the University of Windsor. As most of you will agree, there are many improvements and changes that need to be made on campus regarding financial restrictions, academics, student parking, inclusion of ethnic groups, etc. With the passion I have to improve the quality of your academic journey, these changes would be made with the sole purpose of ensuring the well-being of each student as well as recognize the pertinence of their ethnicity, race, culture, gender, disability, colour, financial or academic situation, etc. Nonetheless, this will give EVERYONE an EQUAL opportunity to excel. After all, we are not only a school, but a family with celebrated diversity with a common goal: success and personal growth through membership in a community. Before going into detail about the changes that I have in mind for our campus, I think it is important to focus on your knowledge and understanding of the student rights and services available to you (provided by your UWSA Student Union). Many may not realize but as a student you play an important role for this institution. Without you, the students, the institution would simply not exist. That being said, I believe that accessibility of student services and rights needs more improvement to help students understand their worth. Currently, communication between the student body and the USWA is not effective, as not all student groups are receiving information about events, activities, benefits, services, etc. A solution to this problem would be to eliminate the gap between the student body and the union. The avenue for transmitting messages must be reconsidered to ensure accessibility. I hope to create more opportunities for interactions with everyone on campus, by providing them with options to connect with myself and other union members on a more personal level. This candidacy and the following campaign points are my way of giving back to the community of the university. A community that has provided me with a sense of belonging, introduced me to many friends and classmates that have been nothing but supportive throughout the years. I am running for this position in hopes to give you all the tools and support you require to succeed. You deserve everything that will make your goals tangible during these prosperous years of your adult life. The things you will achieve on this campus will determine what your future holds and what could be more important than that? In order to have me by your side, bringing the changes and prosperity the student body requires, consider me for this position when voting on March 18th and 19th. I am beyond excited to potentially providing you with the following benefits: ● Give you the knowledge you deserve on rights and services available to you ● Be a voice for you in their time of need ● Provide my personal experiences for inspiration and relatability ● Passionately advocate for student justice on and off campus (financial, academic and social matters) ● Be more than just an executive, be a supportive friend you can confide in ● Be in contact with external sources (political parties, government institutions, etc.) to make changes on campus ● Have one on one conversations on what concerns you as a student Thank you all for your time and consideration, stay safe and keep your aspirations high! Nicole

Paramjot Singh

Dear Lancer Family, It’s time to have a conversation. My name is Paramjot Singh, and after realizing that the state of the student union is fragile, I am pleased to announce that I am running for the position of the UWSA’s Vice President Student Advocacy. Therefore, I am asking for your support on voting day. This year, through serving on the Board of Directors, I had the opportunity to have an in-depth look at our institution’s internal structure. Next year, I hope to rejuvenate the operations that serve all students in a fair and equitable manner. I am hereby fostering an opportunity for us all to make our own collective decision. As we pursue this perilous journey of challenging both the university and the student union, please remember one thing: it is our right as students to have fair academic policies, justified decisions that affect the student body, and noteworthy campus experiences. Let us transcend the tokenism for just a moment - I am not running to fight a war on the ideological end, or to make promises that cannot be fulfilled, but rather, to ensure that the university works FOR all students. I am promising the following: BRIDGE THE GAP between the university and the student union I’m vouching for a better relationship between our student union and the university’s administration. As someone who has worked with both sides, and has acted as a unifying entity between the two in some cases, I can assure that through my great working relationship with many staff and administration, I can effectively represent students. One such example that I am thinking about right now is negotiating, and striking a deal with the University to extend and add upon the contract that was signed last year to make online counselling services free and available for all students 24/7 (My SSP). I would like students to have 24/7 access to not only online counselling, but also in-person emergency counselling services as needed. I plan on converging some services offered by the University of Windsor Student Medical Response Team, Student Counselling Services, and the Peer Support Centre. While on the Board of UWSA last summer, I worked with the university (Student Success & Leadership Centre) to organize orientation sessions. I am of the opinion that there is a lot more collaboration that can happen in this regard. It is crucial that the student union express their duties to incoming students so that they know the UWSA’s presence on campus. I informally surveyed many students while campaigning last week, and for some, it was the first time they were hearing about the student union - they had not been engaged. This indicates to me that the student union has abdicated some of its responsibilities, and is currently in the stage of improvement. Another way to advocate on behalf of students is regarding issues surrounding the online communications platforms (UWinsite Student) used to explore academic and other related records. It is crystal clear to me that students are frustrated with this platform, and as someone that has managed another university-wide communications platform, I am certain that I can collaborate with University’s administration to voice students’ concerns and put forward resolutions to radically improve UWinsite Student. LOBBY to end unfair practices against students and help in creating FAIRER academic policies Instilling fairer academic policies in place for students through Senate By-laws such as ByLaw 54 is, in some sense, building upon a crucial aspect of the VPSA job description. It is clear to me, after having gauged the perceptions of many students while campaigning, that the current maximum weightings for final exams are unfair. Students are concerned that half of their overall course grade being situated on one exam is putting them in a position of great stress and worry. I am vowing to work with the UWSA and University’s senate to ensure that this issue is dealt with once and for all. I also believe that all academic policies surrounding students’ Mental Health must be given equivalent deliberation as those surrounding physical health. I am vowing to help in improving guidelines surrounding academic relief (policies surrounding makeup exams, personal/health issues affecting academic work, prioritizing wellness of all students over academic workload, etc.). In fact, I already have Mental Health Academic Relief policy motions drafted so that we, as a student body, can put them forward as soon as the next term begins. INCREASE study spaces on campus and create 24-hour accessible locations throughout the year This point of my platform is rather simple, and I will make it happen. There are no logistical irregularities in this process, either. Next year, the Student Centre will be undergoing some heavy renovations and I reckon that it will consequently become a hub for all students to connect (provided the COVID-19 threats are mitigated, of course). There are certain programs that, despite paying the most tuition, are not given adequate spaces to study and integrate. We will work together to change this. IMPLEMENT diversity, advocacy and initiative surveys for the membership - to ensure all student voices are heard BEFORE the Executive term begins I am promising to send out a pre-term survey asking students which services and policies they would like to see on campus so that changes can happen BEFORE their UWSA representatives begin their work. I would like to know, precisely, what students would like to see from my end. Whether that is rejuvenating and building upon the equity collectives initiative, or the creation of a new coordinator position under the UWSA’s portfolio, I am promising to deliver what YOU want. So, friends, we must continue this conversation throughout our undergraduate years and beyond. Let’s continue this snowball effect of reasoning and penetrate the institution at its highest end. I would love to have your support, Paramjot Singh

@ParamjotSingh4VPSA · @paramjotg

Lena Sleiman

Hey Lancers!! I hope you are all staying safe in this hard time! My name is LENA SLEIMAN and I am running to be YOUR VP Student Advocacy! Follow me on my socials to keep up to date. VP Student Advocacy is NOT just a job to me, it is a Passion. Advocacy runs through me; the ways I have engaged with our campus, city, and world illustrates my passion. I have been on the UWSA for 2 YEARS as a senator. This means I have been working on academic policy and student engagement for 2 YEARS with fellow senators and UWindsor faculty. I have held NUMEROUS PROTESTS. Therefore, creating campus-wide protests would not be something new for me. Not to mention I have helped organize the African Diaspora Youth Conference, one of the largest student-led conferences at UWindsor!! My work doesn’t stop on campus. I used to work at a MENTAL HEALTH call center. Lancers, I’m sure some of you are tired of hearing about it, buttt I also went down to SOUTH AFRICA to build a home for a family, visit orphanages, and work in the rehabilitation centers for CHEETAHS and CROCODILES (I highly recommend to any and every student to do an ethical humanitarian trip!!). I also intend to continue advocacy in my future career. Being your representative for the 2020-2021 school year would just be my first step! I have SOO many amazing things planned for the upcoming year, but first let me explain the role of the VP Student Advocacy! Your VPSA will be in charge of about 3 MAIN things. - In charge of all UWSA run services (e.g. Womyn’s centre, Peer Support, Pride Centre) - Create campaigns according to the issues YOU believe need to be discussed on campus. - Be your PERSONAL advocate. Are you on ACADEMIC PROBATION? Have you faced DISCRIMINATION from a professor? I will be the one to fight for YOU As YOUR representative I want to be able to focus on 3 things! 1. EXTERNAL ADVOCACY-Lobby all levels of government and fight for increased educational funding, decrease in tuition fees, and advocating for environmental concerns! 2. INCLUSIVITY- Through campaigns and the increased EFFECTIVENESS of services offered by the VP Student Advocacy. I will fight for students REGARDLESS of race, sexual orientation, gender, religious beliefs, and/or class, with INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS as a high priority! 3. INTERNAL ADVOCACY- Internal advocacy has TWO routes. The first being collaboration with programs, services and student groups to ensure YOUR needs and wants are met. The second is academic policy. Academic Policies are things like who graduates, how much percentage a professor can allocate to each assessment, and what reasons are acceptable to miss an exam. These changes can be made through Senate. I intend to use my institutional knowledge to make the changes we NEED! It was a pleasure to meet so many of you this past week! To the individuals I have yet to meet, I am just a message away. I am here for YOU Lancers! Let me use my skills and institutional knowledge to ensure 2020-2021 is OUR YEAR!! Don’t Forget To Vote LENA SLEIMAN to be your next VP Student Advocacy March 18th and 19th! Sending lots of love to you all!

@Lena4VPSA · @lenasleiman_

Jordan Afolabi

"Advocacy requires empathy. This is why I believe that the best advocates are those who have been in the shoes of the people they advocate for. My name is Jordan Afolabi. The past year has been an exercise in personal advocacy for me through which I gained the perspective of both an advocate and a person being advocated for at the same time. I was uncertain and afraid that I may not ever achieve my academic goals and dreams. During this time, I was denied access by the University to my on-campus medical services during a diagnosis process that my campus doctor had started just prior to being suspended. I later learned I was suffering from acute appendicitis. This resulted in a rupture that almost claimed my life. After spending close to the length of two semesters under severe campus restrictions and advocating for myself against falsely laid allegations, I was successfully found innocent of all charges-- both in court and by the university’s misconduct investigation process. It was a very emotional experience when I received these decisions; I won my freedom and my life back after both were almost taken away from me. But I couldn’t stop there. I know there were other students who may be facing similar circumstances, and I am confident of my ability to apply my knowledge, research, skills, and passion to advocating on behalf of the Uwindsor student body. Together, we can make sure no student on this campus ever has to endure wrongful discrimination of any sort. Please ask yourself the following: -As a UWindsor student, what protects you from the mistakes of a UWindsor staff member if they fail to fulfill their duties to you? -What happens if you are being harassed or discriminated against on campus? -How do you ensure your professors are scheduling your due dates with your mental health in mind? Students shouldn’t have to be part-time self-advocates on top of academic responsibilities in order to guarantee their wellbeing at school. You deserve to study in an environment conducive to your success without having to fear for your safety from the institution you attend. This is the perspective that has driven my campaign to serve as your VP Advocacy. I am running on three main platforms: -Student Access to Justice -Staff Accountability and Transparency -Equity and Diversity 1) Student Access to Justice: As UWindsor students, we must know our rights-- not only the ones outlined in the UWindsor Senate Bylaws, but also our full range of provincially/federally legislated rights and entitlements. I want to arm you with a functional knowledge of your procedural entitlements, your privacy rights, and your basic human rights. Not only will I will work proactively to disseminate this education to the student body, but I will also work to ensure your rights are enforced on campus. -Free Campus Legal Services: Many students often struggle with transportation, access, or knowledge of the student services that we pay for. As of now, the University's legal clinic is located downtown; I aim to bring at least one full time representative to our main campus to increase ease of access and awareness of said services for all students on campus. 2) Staff Accountability/Transparency: Trust and accountability are imperative to building healthy student-staff relationships. I will advocate for the implementation of a student-staff accountability and transparency policy that will set healthy expectations and guidelines for communications between staff and UWindsor students as well prescribe appropriate response protocols in cases where improvement opportunities for staff are found. There must be clear and objective staff discipline protocols for common violations of student rights; nobody should be above the law. -Student Mental Health/Class & Exam Scheduling: The current setup of overlapping assignment due dates/conflicting exam and midterm times often shortchanges students on their ability to perform and negatively impacts their mental/physical health. Students deserve more flexible course grading schemes that allow the shifting of course grades in cases of crucial overlapping due dates. There are ways to accomplish this without undermining the learning objectives of our courses. I will clearly communicate this concern to the Admin and effectively advocate for the implementation of real solutions. 3) Diversity & Equity: These words can no longer simply be corporate buzzwords or revenue models. In order to ensure equity and diversity as foundational principles on our campus, I will work to accomplish the following: -Implementation of the COLLECTION OF RACIALIZED STUDENT STATISTICS. In order to understand the unique and nuanced issues that different racialized groups face, we MUST collect comprehensive aggregate data that helps illustrate these experiences. For example, did you know that a Black person on UWindsor campus is eight times more likely to be identified as a suspect in ongoing crime investigations? The more we know, the better we can advocate for our rights. -Implementation of a RACIALIZED STUDENTS' POLICY. Recently, the University has implemented a Free Speech Policy. As our student population has been growing increasingly diverse, I believe the time is right for a comprehensive racialized students’ policy which addresses common negative stereotypes associated with specific groups of racialized students and prescribes special protocols for staff response. -Implementation of a VICE PRESIDENT INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS (VP-IS) position on our UWSA. Currently, International Students (IS) have no executive representation on the UWSA. This is despite the fact that IS tuition makes up ~1/3 of the University's operating budget while only being ~15% of the student population. A financially compensated VP-IS position would alleviate financial duties on the current IS rep position and would allow IS students a higher quality of representation on their student union. I am passionate about advocating for all students on campus. If you share this vision, please consider voting for me on March 18/19th!" Thanks!

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