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survey faqs

The survey explores the experiences of all students on campus in relation to campus climate as well as the supports and services needed to foster a truly inclusive campus culture. Importantly, we will be asking if you have ever been involved in a non-academic misconduct process. If you have filed a conduct complaint, had a complaint filed about you, or had grounds to file a complaint but chose not to, you will be asked a few additional questions about your experiences and invited to participate in an individual interview lasting 30 minutes to one hour or to complete a more in-depth survey of similar time commitment depending on your preferences. All participation is optional. The data collected will be used to guide decisions around:

  • Resource allocation for student supports and services on campus
  • Restructuring of the Office of Student Experience (OSE)
  • Changing the process of addressing non-academic student misconduct

It is expected that this survey will take approximately 15 – 30 minutes. It will vary between students depending on experiences and what you choose to share.

Yes. You can leave your survey andthen using the same computer / device, re-enter where you left off when you click on the survey link again. This functionality uses cookies to save your progress, so it will only work if you return to the survey on the same internet browser on the same computer / device to finish the survey, and you haven’t deleted cookies. If you choose to use a shared computer, please make sure to clear your cache/browsing history

No. Some sections will be optional, and you can Submit at any stage. However, we encourage you to answer as many questions as you can. Only completed surveys will be eligible for the draw.

No. Once you submitted your answers, you cannot take the survey again.

Yes. The executive of USWA, GSS and OPUS were consulted on the survey content; either as members of the OSE Restructuring Consultation Working Group planning the survey, or as reviewers of the initial draft/s.

Yes. The survey will not collect personal identification. Further, the survey will not collect IP addresses. If you do not provide your contact information, the survey is not tracking other ID or IP addresses. Also, the survey is not managed by the university, but by external researchers, and the University of Windsor will not have access to the database of responses. After completion of the report, the raw data remain housed on the researchers’ secure server and will be password-protected.

Yes. If you decide to enter the draw, you will enter your contact information in a different, separate form. Your contact information will be saved in a separate database and cannot be connected to your survey responses.

As you complete the survey, you will be redirected to a separate survey to enter the draw for a chance to win one of 17 prizes of $200 or one grand prize of $500.

You can reach out to the International Student Centre to ask for help isc@uwindsor.ca.

Please contact one of the following to advise of any need for accessible alternatives: – Cherie Gagnon – OHREA Accessibility Manager at cherie.gagnon@uwindsor.ca – Our external consultants: Please contact Birgit Rohde at biarhd5@gmail.com. 

There are a number of resources available that can help and support you in maintaining your wellbeing, mental health, and balance.