UWSA – University of Windsor Students' Alliance

Candidate: Abigail Tuason

Position: Vice President Student Life

social Media

1. Outline your relevant experience for this position

As a 3rd year nursing student who has two years of experience volunteering for Nursing Society and working in clinical settings to support the physical and mental health of patients and residents, I am confident that my knowledge and skills in student and patient advocacy, building professional therapeutic and/or constructive relationships and problem solving in different case intakes would make me an asset to the team of UWSA.

In my former role as a Social Events Coordinator for Nursing Society, in the school year of 2020, I was responsible for creating virtual social events and working with the Philanthropy Chair in promoting fundraisers and volunteering opportunities, despite the circumstances of the pandemic, making us focus on creating these events not only to fundraise but to help give students a mental health break from the new online school curriculum and having to adapt into this year’s worldly changes. While doing so, I would also connect with undergraduate and graduate nursing students regarding their feedback, concerns and suggestions relating to social events, UWindsor nursing gear sales, volunteer applications, social media posts, and updates on the graduation pinning ceremony. I am confident that my experience in student advocacy and organization of nursing society events will help me start contributing efficiently to the team of UWSA.

2. What specific initiatives and projects would you undertake related to this role?

Planning Welcome Week Events such as: 

  • Helping students and family members present during Move in Day
  • Organizing booths outside of residence buildings such as ice cream booths, UWSA merch and organization introduction booths
  • Apple picking event
  • Lip syncing challenge in-person, done by groups
  • Rock Climbing in indoor rock-climbing location in Windsor
  • Food truck event
  • Adult coloring books (can be used for fundraising) combined with a mindfulness or meditation event

“Environmental helpful” events such as: 

  • Connecting with maidstonetreefarm.com regarding planting trees and learning more about the Canadian Federation of Agriculture and its importance
  • Helping campus grounds clean up where groups of volunteers, along with UWSA members, can help pick up garbage on campus and whichever team collects the most garbage receives a reward/price

School year initiatives, project and event ideas: 

  • Celebrating Black History Month and creating booths that exhibits Black culture, art, music, food and history
  • An event for National Hijab Day on February 1st
  • Multicultural event, including food booths of different delicacies from different ethnic groups
  • Connecting with philosophers, students, activitists, lecturers and speakers of different titles in hosting TED Talks regarding different categories and topics such as mental health awareness, student life, various work fields, etc…
  • Adulting class events: budgeting, cooking, basic home repair, time management, or filing taxes as Uni students are working to evolve into full-on adults
  • g. dorm room cooking class
  • Monthly movie nights
  • Monthly Trivia Nights at Bull and Barrel
  • Mindfulness or meditation events
  • Paint and art class events and connecting with art clubs

3. How do you plan on facilitating positive work relationships within the UWSA Board, members at large and UWindsor administration?

I plan on facilitating and promoting positive work relationships within the UWSA organization by creating and promoting an environment filled with positive, respectful, and honest communication and collaboration along with understanding of each member. Alongside, an openminded environment is also very important in maintaining these positive work relationships wherein each member’s perspectives are to be heard, understood, and shown importance towards as we are all in this team together.

4. Describe the importance of the UWSA in your own words

I view UWSA as a very important student organization as they literally form the voice and experiences of University of Windsor students. From helping students and family members during Move In days to advocating for students throughout the school year regarding anything related to the student experience such as events, dorm life needs, various on-campus resources, multicultural awareness ideas, volunteer opportunities, and so on. On top of that, they also advocate for qualified students to be able to obtain their post-secondary education regardless of their financial situation, which is such a big help to many students’ and/or their families’ future. Overall, UWSA is so important as they represent, advocate, support, and work with the undergraduate student community.