UWSA – University of Windsor Students' Alliance


Suki Randhawa

Running for Senate Student Representative

Outline your relevant experience for this position

I am a very social and outgoing person. I am able to easily meet and communicate with new people. These skills aid me in being a Senator beacause the UWSA is all about helping student life. There is no better way to do this than actually engaging with students here at the University of Windsor. I am involved in other organizations here at the university such as the University of Windsor Mock Trial Association. In this organization I use my debating and public speaking skills to effectively convey a message

What specific initiatives and projects would you undertake related to this role?

If I am successfully elected into a senator position, there are a few things that I would do to improve student life for students here in Windsor. I would vote to create more social events on campus to get students to know each other better. I would encourage students to create more school clubs and become more involved with extracurriculars. Another thing I would do is advocate for events wth other universities in the area. This could be either social activities or competitions in various areas. I would also help the UWSA to continue organizing engaging events for new students

How do you plan on facilitating positive work relationships within the UWSA Board, members at large and UWindsor administration?

There are a few ways I would facilitate positive work relationships within the UWSA Board, members at large and UWindsor administration. For starters, I would make sure to attend every meeting and function required by my position. I would treat every member and candidate with respect. I will meet, greet, and introduce myself to members I don’t know. I will also take my position seriously and put in my best efforts as a senator of the UWSA. I will abide by the by-laws, regulations, and codes of conduct.

Describe the importance of the UWSA in your own words

The UWSA is a very important organization at the University of Windsor for many reasons. It is a student led organization and union with the main goal of improving student life and keeping up with student needs. The UWSA aids all students including those with financial difficulties. It is the the organization that steps in between students and the University of Windsor. They help students with social events as well as services. Some of these services are scholarships, health and dental plans, bus pass, and more. The UWSA elects all candicates in order to ensure fairness.