UWSA – University of Windsor Students' Alliance


Kristina Marrocco

Running for Faculty of Science Representative


If I was elected I would make it my main goal to hear and understand the needs of our students. UWSA is the voice for undergraduate students so I feel like it is crucially important for listening to the concerns and problems that students face daily, and trying to find a solution that would benefit all. Ways I can do this is by using social media to do Q&A’s or polls to see that students would like to see a change in. I would also like to stress that as a representative of the university it is important for people to reach out to me any time and bring up anything the feel I should know and be an understanding, supportive peer. I plan on being clear and compelling articulation of my values, goals, and strategies. I want to try my best to understand each student the best I can provide them what they need. I want the students to know that everything they say matters and I will address any issues if elected.