UWSA – University of Windsor Students' Alliance


Jaden Davidson

Running for Vice President Finance & Operations (VPFO)

Outline your relevant experience for this position

I truly believe I am the right person for this position as I have the knowledge and some past experiences that will help me succeed in the VP of Finance role. As a business student specializing in finance, I have the understanding of how to do many of the things required in this position. I also have a comprehension of accounting and love to deal with numbers helping me excel in this position. I have also done accounting for my parent’s business for the past few years from accounting for money, creating invoices, and dealing with the management and financial aspect of their company. When it comes to time management skills I have a lot of practice, during this winter 2023 semester I am a full-time student, on the Enactus Youthrive and Mycolite team, the Odette Marketing Society, ACE team, JSOSIF as a junior analyst, a Big Brothers Big Sisters Mentor, as well as various extracurriculars outside of school. Time management skills will make sure that I complete my tasks efficiently and effectively to provide reimbursement and support to any club or individual in the university of Windsor to the best of my ability.

What specific initiatives and projects would you undertake related to this role?

My goal in this position will be to increase coverage for mental health with our university insurance, decrease the reimbursement period for clubs and individuals for club activities, and insurance reimbursement, the last thing I want to accomplish is putting more student money back into students. These seem like very hard tasks to accomplish but as a very motivated and passionate person, I have a plan. I will work with past Vice presidents in this role to see how some of these processes work so I can gain a full understanding and start to streamline some of these processes. I will work directly with our school, the UWSA board, and banking partner to ensure that every student gets the proper funding for mental health and has the knowledge and accessibility to receive this funding. I want to make sure almost all the hard-earned money every student pays toward fees is going directly back to you in the form of events and activities that could increase job prospects and employability but also support mental health and meet other students making sure this is the most enjoyable time of your life.

How do you plan on facilitating positive work relationships within the UWSA Board, members at large and UWindsor administration?

To facilitate a positive relationship with the UWSA board, faculty, and students as a whole by implementing different events and methods of helping everyone. I will have office hours every week allowing any club, student, or faculty to come to meet with me to discuss any problems they may have or anything they believe should be done. I will hear them out and discuss this with the UWSA board to see about implementation. I will make sure that I keep a positive relationship with the UWSA board making sure there is no tension especially by introducing team-building exercises we can establish a positive working relationship, this is to ensure we can do our best in our candidacy. 

Describe the importance of the UWSA in your own words

The UWSA is like the brain of all the clubs at the University of Windsor they provide and manage their funds and oversee and support clubs. The UWSA ensures that clubs get the support they need to run galas and events or projects. The UWSA does a lot more than that though, for example, we collect and manage the insurance at the university ensuring every student the opportunity for medical care, mental support, and dental care that we all need. Providing bus passes to everyone that needs them and giving them support and the opportunity to get refunded if desired too. The UWSA is the road connecting the students at this university to the faculty allowing everyone the opportunity to get involved and be heard.