UWSA – University of Windsor Students' Alliance


Husam Morra

Running for Vice President Finance & Operations (VPFO)

Outline your relevant experience for this position

I am pleased to share that I have been serving as a financial coordinator for a prominent local business in Windsor, where I have had the opportunity to handle a wide range of responsibilities that contribute to my role as the Vice President of Finance and Operations. These responsibilities have included budget setting, financial coordination, and expense management, all of which have allowed me to acquire valuable skills and knowledge in the field of finance.
In addition, I have had the pleasure of working with a highly motivated and supportive team that has helped me to improve my financial coordination abilities even further. Moreover, I have been actively involved across the faculties at the University of Windsor and have also devoted over 450 hours of volunteer work to several organizations over the past three years. These experiences have provided me with invaluable hands-on experience that I am confident will be of significant assistance for my role as the Vice President of Finance and Operations for the UWSA.

What specific initiatives and projects would you undertake related to this role?

As the President of Finance and Operations, I am driven to deliver a range of services, programs, and support to help students achieve their academic goals. To this end, I am launching a comprehensive initiative to reduce parking expenses and ticket fees, which have been a significant burden for many of our peers at the University of Windsor. In addition, I am excited to unveil a book exchange program and a service that helps qualified students with their book expenses. I recognize that buying textbooks can be a significant expense, often exceeding the cost of tuition. Moreover, given the current challenging job market, I am committed to creating more job opportunities and job conventions for qualified students, as practical experience is a essential part of preparing for a successful career. I am also delighted to introduce an online financial management system that will allow students and UWSA clubs to track their expenses, set budgets, and improve their financial literacy. I believe that this system will empower students to take control of their finances and create a solid foundation for their future success.
Finally, I plan to collaborate and work with local businesses in Windsor to secure sponsorships and funds. These collaborations may further assist students, and the UWSA with events and Lancer games. In summary, my vision is to make financial support and services more accessible and equitable for all qualified students at the University of Windsor.

How do you plan on facilitating positive work relationships within the UWSA Board, members at large and UWindsor administration?

As a dedicated member of the UWSA, my aim is to encourage a culture of collaboration and teamwork to ensure that all decisions made are in the best interest of the students. I understand that successful outcomes are not the result of individual efforts, but rather the collective work of a team with a shared vision.
In this regard, I plan to work closely with the UWSA and UWindsor administration to ensure that all initiatives, programs, budgets, and decisions are thoroughly evaluated and approved by all team members. I also recognize that team building is an important aspect of promoting positive relationships among members. To this end, I plan to work with my peers to organize events, trips, and celebrations that recognize the efforts of the UWSA board, UWindsor administration, and other member involved. I am eager to collaborate with all team members to establish an inclusive environment where everyone’s unique talents and expertise are valued and utilized to achieve our common objectives.

Describe the importance of the UWSA in your own words

The UWSA is critical in supporting and empowering students at the University of Windsor. As the undergraduate student union, we are committed to providing the best possible post-secondary education while minimizing the financial burdens and stresses that students may face. Unfortunately, the provincial government’s proposal to deregulate all undergraduate tuition fees presents a significant threat to our students. However, the UWSA has been proactive in implementing a range of programs and services to support our students, such as the dental and health plan, the universal bus pass, and scholarships. This union is dedicated to advocating for the needs of our students and ensuring that their voices are heard. The UWSA work tirelessly to provide a supportive and inclusive environment where students can thrive and achieve their goals.