UWSA – University of Windsor Students' Alliance


Hamza Behiry

Running for Faculty of Science Representative

Outline your relevant experience for this position
  • Vincent Massey Student Council Prime minister
  • Vincent Massey Student Council Minister of Events
  • Vincent Massey student Council Minister of Promotions
  • Vincent Massey Student Council Grade Representative
  • Relay for Life Chair and event lead/ host
  • Children’ s Christmas Party co-chair
  • MSA (Muslim Student Association) Executive
What specific initiatives and projects would you undertake related to this role?

As a candidate for the Science Governor representative, I believe there are several initiatives and projects that I would undertake to improve the overall academic experience for students. Here are some of my specific proposals:

Increasing access to resources: I would work towards increasing access to academic resources, such as libraries, laboratories, and other facilities. This would include identifying areas where additional resources are needed and working with the administration to secure funding for these resources… private rooms science students can book?!?!?

Strengthening research programs: I would work towards developing and expanding research opportunities for students, including opportunities to conduct research with faculty members and in collaboration with other universities. I would also work on increasing funding and resources for research projects.
Improving academic advising: I would work with faculty members and academic advisors to ensure that students are receiving comprehensive and tailored academic advising. This would include implementing new tools and technologies to streamline the advising process and improve the quality of guidance provided to students.

Enhancing diversity and inclusion: I would work to promote diversity and inclusion within the science community, including initiatives to recruit and retain underrepresented groups in science fields. This would include promoting awareness of issues related to diversity and providing resources and support for students from diverse backgrounds.

How do you plan on facilitating positive work relationships within the UWSA Board, members at large and UWindsor administration?

In summary, my plan for facilitating positive work relationships within the UWSA Board, members at large, and UWindsor administration involves establishing open communication, active listening, collaboration, professionalism and respect, and celebrating achievements. By working towards these goals, I believe that we can create a positive work environment that is conducive to achieving our shared goals.

Describe the importance of the UWSA in your own words

The UWSA is a student-led organization that represents, supports, and advocates for students at the University of Windsor. It’s important because it gives students a voice in important decisions, advocates for their needs and interests, and provides a range of services and resources to help them succeed academically and socially. The UWSA also fosters a sense of community among students, creating a welcoming and inclusive campus environment. Simply put, the UWSA is a crucial organization that makes a positive difference in the lives of students at the University of Windsor, and as such an organization that I would love to be a part of.