UWSA – University of Windsor Students' Alliance


Anmol Nagra

Running for Senate Student Representative

Outline your relevant experience for this position

Throughout my academic career, I have had the opportunity to gain experience by volunteering with clubs and organizations. Doing this has allowed me to work on projects that interest me while giving me the opportunity to grow as an individual through leadership and advocacy. I thrive in environments where I am able to make tangible change. Currently, I am a member of a research lab at the University of Windsor, where I work alongside a team of undergraduate and graduate students to explore and destigmatize health and education. I was a member of the Mayor’s Youth Leadership Team, where I had the opportunity to brainstorm and implement ideas and create new initiatives that encourage youth involvement in the city. One successful initiative that we launched was the Youth Leadership Conference, which took place virtually in 2021 and 2022. We invited high-school students from across Windsor-Essex to hear from local leaders about civic engagement, leadership, employability and have open discussions with them about the future of the city. Despite challenges due to COVID-19, we were able to successfully organize both events with over 100 attendees each time. I joined this team as a way to reduce the uncertainty that youth have about joining community initiatives, encourage more youth participation, and bring youth voices to important conversations. My academic and professional journey is an ongoing process, but I always seek out and participate in opportunities where I’m able to foster meaningful change in my community!

What specific initiatives and projects would you undertake related to this role?

As a Student Senator, I would strive to actively create change surrounding uncertainties and concerns that students face on a daily basis – both academically and non-academically. Specifically, I would advocate for an easily accessible and comprehensible method for students to be able to access information regarding specific services and information that are available for them. Students should not be faced with academic challenges without also being aware of the support and assistance that is offered to guide them through their difficult times. Beyond this, I would also work to actively increase transparency between the senate and students. Since the senate is responsible for academic affairs, it is crucial for students to be up- to-date and informed about any decisions or changes made regarding these matters, especially since it directly impacts them. This information should be readily available for students, instead of being difficult to access and navigate. Finally, I would like to explore the academic learning delivery models that are available to students at this time and identify areas of change in order to meet student needs. Overall, I hope to undertake projects and initiatives that will support student needs, while improving the quality of their academic career.

How do you plan on facilitating positive work relationships within the UWSA Board, members at large and UWindsor administration?

Facilitating a positive work relationship primarily involves creating an environment where all members of the UWindsor community, the UWSA Board, members at large and UWindsor administration, feel safe and comfortable to express their concerns and ideas. Establishing a positive and collaborative environment serves as the foundation to having professional, respectful, and progressive discussions. In addition to this, taking time to build relationships based on trust and open communication between members of the senate, as well as other members of the UWSA, is important in order to effectively move towards creating change that is in the best interest of the students. Building and maintaining positive relationships can be done through being present and an active participant in discussions, asking questions and actively listening, and being collaborative and productive when it comes time to advocate for student rights and academic matters. Finally, I believe that creating a positive work relationship starts by acknowledging our differences and understanding how personal life experiences may be a factor in guiding opposing ideas and concerns. Using these differences to our advantage allows us to come to a mutual conclusion that addresses and supports the needs of the greatest range of people.

Describe the importance of the UWSA in your own words

The UWSA is a student-led group that exists to serve and advocate for undergraduate students at the University of Windsor. The importance of the UWSA extends beyond academic affairs and includes the improving the experience of students through creating opportunities for clubs and societies, hosting social events to promote a sense of community among students, providing opportunities for students to grow in their professional careers, and being the voice to represent students at all levels of the University affairs. In addition to this, the UWSA supports the well-being of students through the services they offer, including the Food Pantry, Womxn’s Centre, WalkSafe, and Peer Support Centre. Addressing student concerns and being proactive in creating meaningful solutions has been evident in many aspects of the work done at the UWSA. Overall, the UWSA prioritizes student needs in order to create a safe, accessible, and meaningful experience for all students during their time at the University of Windsor.