Elections Committee Nominations are Now Open
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Elections Committee Nominations are NOW Open!

Submit to uwsa@uwindsor.ca 2-3 lines of why you want to sit on the committee by Sunday, September 25.

This is a great opportunity to learn about the Elections process and to get involved!

As indicated from the UWSA Bylaws:

The Elections Committee (EC) shall be comprised of:
  1. Three (3) individuals appointed by the Board of Directors;
  2. The individuals must be Members of the UWSA
  3. Members on the EC must not be candidates, campaign team members, volunteers, paid assistants, or any other person affiliated with a candidate or referenda;
  4. Members of the EC must not be affiliated with any campus media.

The Elections Committee is responsible for the oversight of the CRO, UWSA General Election, By-Election and any other special election determined by the Board.

The Elections Committee is the only appeals body for the decisions of the CRO.

All appeal decisions of the Elections Committee are final and non-appealable.

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