Lancer’s Sport and Recreation Centre Referendum

The LSRC Referendum will be taking place beginning Midnight on February 1 to 6 pm February 2. 

The Proposal

1. Be it resolved that an annual capital fee of $125.00 per student ($62.50 per term for a maximum of two terms per academic year) be levied on all members of the University of Windsor Student Alliance (UWSA) to support the construction of a new Lancers Sport and Recreation Centre (LSRC).

2. Be it further resolved that this fee shall be assessed commencing Fall 2019 or in the academic year that the building becomes operational, whichever comes later;

3. Be it further resolved that the fee shall increase by an annual increment of 5% per year for the first seven (7) years only;

4. Be it further resolved that in 2029, when the existing Sports & Recreation capital fee expires, the LSRC capital fee shall increase by the amount of that fee at that time;

5. Be it further resolved that the term of this fee shall be 30 years;

6. Be it further resolved that all fees generated shall be used exclusively to support the LSRC capital project.

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