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The General Election is held every year, beginning in February, allowing a new body of elected officials to represent the undergraduate student population that the UWSA serves. If you’re interested in running for a position, read all the information on this page and the 2020 General Election page, download the required nomination package designated for the position you’re looking to run for, complete every form, and hand it in to the UWSA office (see dates for Nomination Period). If you have more questions, you can contact the Chief Returning Officer of the UWSA.
The following positions are open for the 2020 General Election:

UWSA Representative Positions’ Available# of Vacancies
Vice-President of Finance & Operations1
Vice-President of Student Services1
Vice-President of Student Advocacy1
Faculty of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences4
Faculty of Business2
Faculty of Science2
Faculty of Computer Science1
Faculty of Law1
Faculty of Dramatic Arts1
Faculty of Music1
Faculty of Education1
Faculty of Visual Arts1
Faculty of Engineering1
Faculty of Nursing1
Faculty of Human Kinetics1
Faculty of Social Work1
Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry1
University of Windsor Residence1
International Students1
First Year Representative *Must be enrolled in first year during 2020-20211
Board of Governors’ Representative1
University of Windsor Senate Student Representative3

The Nomination Packages can be downloaded here or picked up at the UWSA office (Student Centre, 2nd Floor, Room 209) starting Monday, February 24th.

Nomination Period: Monday, February 24th to Friday, March 6th
All Candidates Meeting: Monday, March 9th – Meeting schedule coming soon.
Poster Approval: Tuesday, March 10th
Campaigning Period: 
Wednesday, March 11th to Tuesday, March 17th
All-Candidates’ Debate: Wednesday, March 12th 1PM – 3PM
Voting Period: Wednesday, March 18th to Thursday, March 19th
Poster Clean-Up: Friday, March 20th

The full 2020 General Elections Schedule can be downloaded HERE

If you are interested in volunteering with UWSA elections (e.g. polling station clerk, etc.), please contact the Chief Returning Officer (see bottom for contact info).

The UWSA Elections will be held in physical locations throughout campus as well as online in order to best ensure certainty and transparency. A link to vote will be supplied on election day.

You can vote at uwsa.ca/vote

The candidates for the 2020 General Election are as follows:

UWSA Representative PositionsName of Candidate
PresidentFardovza Kusow
PresidentHerman Dayal
Vice-President of Finance & OperationsPetar Bratic
Vice-President of Finance & OperationsObinna Chigbo
Vice-President of Finance & OperationsMohammad Hannan Sadar
Vice-President of Student ServicesJasleen Dayal
Vice-President of Student ServicesHailey Robertson
Vice-President of Student ServicesSam Salazar
Vice-President of Student AdvocacyNicole Hermann
Vice-President of Student Advocacy
Paramjot Gogia
Vice-President of Student Advocacy
Lena Sleiman
Vice-President of Student Advocacy
Jordan Afolabi
 Faculty of BusinessWidmia Riviere
 Faculty of ScienceLia Thompson
 Faculty of ScienceJason Wong
 Faculty of Social WorkPerween Ismail
 International StudentsSumeet Kaur
 Board of Governors’ RepresentativeNyusha Samiei
 University of Windsor Senate Student RepresentativeMohammed Abdulaziz
 University of Windsor Senate Student RepresentativeEmily Fraser
 University of Windsor Senate Student RepresentativePedro Kantati

The ability to vote is a right that many have bravely sought to secure. Voting is an integral part of having a voice on your campus. By deciding to become an active participant in a campus-wide election that directly impacts your student experience, you end up learning a lot about the power dynamics of a university’s democratic process. Also, by voting, you hold those who do run for office accountable, by selecting the candidate you believe can not only bring the best ideas to the campus but more importantly, who can follow through on them. The benefits of voting are countless!


UWSA elections are governed by the UWSA Elections Policy

View Elections Policy Here (or browse: Governance > Important Documents > Elections Policy)

The UWSA Elections is managed, administered and enforced by the Chief Returning Officer (CRO). If you have any questions regarding the election please contact:

Chief Returning Officer (CRO)
UWSA Office – Student Centre Room 235
519- 253-3000 ext.4554



Get Involved! The members of the UWSA Board of Directors are students who are elected by UWSA members every year. The Board of Directors work and fight for student interests and are the decision-making body of the UWSA. Make sure to vote for the candidate you want to represent you or run in the election yourself!

Important Documents

Please take some time to review the Important Documents relating to UWSA Elections. In particular, the UWSA Elections Policies and the UWSA Referendum Policy will be very helpful in answering any questions regarding elections and referendums.

Job Descriptions:

UWSA Executives
Vice-President Student Services
Vice-President Student Advocacy
Vice-President Finance  & Operations

Board Positions
Faculty Representative
Student Senator
Board of Governors Representative

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