General Election 2019



Full 2018 General Elections Calendar Download Here

Below are you 2019 UWSA General Election Candidates!

Name Postion
Mohamed Mahmoud Engineering Rep
Gagneet Kaur FAHSS Rep
Jasleen Dayal FAHSS Rep
Ahmed Abdallah VPSS
Paramjot Gogia Science Rep
Linden Crain Senator
Sahibjot Singh VPFO
Amber Tazzman Education rep
Davinder Singh Computer Science Rep
Andre Ducharme Odette Rep
Arop Plaek Deng VPSA
Donald Leung President
Mehjaas Singh Drama Rep
Biane Deghaiche Senator
Kevinprecious Fawehinmi International Students Rep
Quessia Mugaboo Senator
Mohammad Hannan Sadar Senator
Jeremiah Bowers President

Important Documents

An FAQ can be found on the Elections Info Page.Please take some time to review the Important Documents relating to UWSA Elections. In particular, the UWSA Elections Policies and the UWSA Referendum Policy will be very helpful in answering any questions regarding elections and referendums.

UWSA Executive Job Descriptions
Vice-President Student Services
Vice-President Student Advocacy
Vice-President Finance

Board Job Descriptions
Board of Director
Student Senator
Board of Governors Representative

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