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The UWSA Tent isn’t only for night-time socials! There was a full house in the UWSA Tent for the Dirty Bingo event and The Lance wrote an article:
“The disclaimers of coarse language and sexual themes were displayed all across the gate which led to the tent, yet neither the sign or the blistering heat were enough to keep the countless students away from the event.

Practically a Welcome Week landmark, hundreds upon hundreds of students played a game of Dirty Bingo on the evening of Sept. 6 at the UWSA Tent. There, nobody was safe from the beloved drag queen Sabin, who returned to her hosting duties yet again and quickly energized the audience. Any and all levels of comfort were built to be broken down as she grilled any student who caught her eye, all in the name of filthy good fun. The broken taboos put off little as the audience remained highly receptive, making everyone feel comfortable by illuminating the discomfort.”
For the rest of the article, please visit The Lance.

For more photos from the party, please check out the UWSA Dirty Bingo Album on Facebook.

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