Clubs Unite Through Wipeout Challenge – The Lance
The UWSA Welcome Week isn’t just about tent parties! We brought Student Groups together to test their teamwork and have some fun! The Lance covered the event and wrote an article:
“With the help of some good old-fashioned competition, a series of challenges doubled as a bit of a meeting session between numbers of clubs across campus.

A variety of games had been set up outside Dillon Hall for the Clubs Wipeout Challenge, occurring the afternoon of Sept. 9. Between the gladiator joust, sumo-suit wrestling, tug of war and giant tricycle races among others, the potentially stormy overcast did little to prevent the enthusiasm of all participants.

An event which slides in neatly with Welcome Week festivities, this is the first time it has been held on campus according to student clubs coordinator Larissa Howlett. With 14 clubs registered for the event, it made for an effective method to truly bring multiple groups together.”
For the rest of the article, please visit The Lance.

For more photos from the party, please check out the UWSA Clubs Wipeout Challenge Album on Facebook.

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