Campus Vibes: Women in Leadership
Meet Sydney Chapados, VP of Marketing for the Women in Leadership Club here on campus. Between changing her majors now and then, and eating cheesecake, Syndey finds the time to nourish the minds of others about women empowerment. Here’s what Sydney had to say.

What is the club all about?

We encourage women to take on leadership roles on campus and in day to day life. We have partnered with many of the Women-Centred groups on campus in order to run workshops and events regarding empowerment and leadership skills.

How does this club contribute to increasing the quality of life on campus for club members?

In aiming to get women involved in leadership, we seek to provide a more equitable and fair campus for everyone, while providing women the skills and confidence to succeed.

How can one become a member of the club?

One can become a member by emailing wil@uwindsor.ca!


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