Centre Swap: PSC and Womxn’s Centre Trade Places

The Peer Support Centre and Womxn’s Centre have officially traded rooms within the University of Windsor’s CAW Student Centre. Set to open their doors Sept 11th, 2017, the swap will leave the Peer Support Centre in Room 291 and the Womxn’s Centre in Room 208.

The two UWSA services believe that the move will ensure students proper access to mental health resources on campus, emphasizing on location convenience, enhanced safety features, and solidifying a more confidential environment. Peer Support Coordinator John Antoniw anticipates that students will benefit from the proximity to the University’s Student Counselling Centre.

“Being neighbours will create a hub of services that sync up well together,” Antoniw explains. “After receiving support from our staff, we can then extend referral services right next door to the Student Counselling Centre. The process becomes more convenient and private for students when seeking this additional resource.”

One of the most prominent aspects of the move is a private office made available for the Peer Support coordinator, who is required to fulfil a certain number of hours within the centre. The new space allows the coordinator an office to work in, and the ability to shut the door during peer counselling sessions between staff and visitors. With this key feature, Room 291 offers a more private experience for visitors when compared the open concept layout of Room. 208.

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