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Anti-Bullying Week

Check out the lineup we have for Anti-Bullying Week taking place Nov 13th - 16! Monday:5pm-6pm // Anti-Oppression Workshop // CAW COMMONS6:30pm – 8pm // Let’s Talk About Social Justice: Discussion Circle // CAW COMMONSTuesday:7pm // Standing in Solidarity Candlelight Vigil // CAW CourtyardWednesday:7pm-9pm //...

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Centre Swap: PSC and Womxn’s Centre Trade Places

The Peer Support Centre and Womxn’s Centre have officially traded rooms within the University of Windsor’s CAW Student Centre. Set to open their doors Sept 11th, 2017, the swap will leave the Peer Support Centre in Room 291 and the Womxn’s Centre in Room 208.The...

Womxn’s Centre Public Statement: Name Change

At the UWSA Annual General Meeting, students passed a motion to change the name of the Womyn's Centre to Womxn's Centre. The name change is something we have wanted for a while and for many different reasons. At the Centre, we try to challenge ourselves...

Campus Vibes: Get Swabbed

Meet Ms. Janny Lau, a proud Windsorite and member of the UWindsor Stem Cell Club. With family originally hailing from Hong Kong, Janny's parents were in the process of adapting a new language as they began to start a family in Canada. When Janny was born, some vowel...

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Campus Vibes: Women in Leadership

Meet Sydney Chapados, VP of Marketing for the Women in Leadership Club here on campus. Between changing her majors now and then, and eating cheesecake, Syndey finds the time to nourish the minds of others about women empowerment. Here's what Sydney had to say.What is the...

Campus Vibes: The Right to Know Your Rights

Meet Mr. Emre Esensoy, member of the Work and Economic Justice Club. Originally from Turkey, Emre relishes  himself as a fish stew aficionado. The smell of fish stew can be a bit overwhelming for some, which is why he keeps freshly baked "side" nearby to counteract...

Campus Vibes: Stepping into the Third Dimension

Meet Mr. Nicolas de Cosson, Club Manager of the UWIN_3D Print Club. Aside from being a hot shot artist from Toronto, Nicolas regularly practices digital wizardry, which in turn has helped him in creating masterful 3D printed dragon heads. He declined to comment on the compelling correlation of wizardry, dragons, interests...

Campus Vibes: Seeking for Sikhs

(featured above from left to right) Navroop Singh Sidhu-Vice President, Avneet Singh Dhillon-President, Amolbir Singh Dhillon- Treasurer, Sukhamrit Pal Singh Boparai- Propagandist, Kanwar Singh Propagandist, Balraj Singh Gill-Propagandist.--------Meet Mr. Navroop Singh Sidhu, Vice President of the Sikh Students Association. A man of global exploration and...

Students Ombuds Open House

The University of Windsor has a new resource for students that do not know where else to turn when they have a question or concern regarding any issues that have occurred at the University. On Thursday, November 24, the Student Ombudsperson held an open house...

The Peer Support Centre Gets a New Look

If you walk by the Peer Support Centre (PSC), you might notice it's looking a little different! The frosted glass offers a little more privacy and hopefully provides more comfort and accessibility to students who are visiting the centre. The Peer Support Centre is a...

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