Campus Vibes: The Right to Know Your Rights

Meet Mr. Emre Esensoy, member of the Work and Economic Justice Club. Originally from Turkey, Emre relishes  himself as a fish stew aficionado. The smell of fish stew can be a bit overwhelming for some, which is why he keeps freshly baked “side” nearby to counteract the odours. Emre claims this so called freshly baked “side” is the best smell in the world. However, a quick Google search will show you that no such thing exists, which leaves me questioning what kind of “fish” he’s using in those stews. Jokes aside, we took the time to chat with Emre about his club and their focus as an innovative student organization.

What is the club all about?

We focus on empowering the student community of their rights in the workplace, and take an intersectionality approach in encouraging critical thinking and discussion around workplace issues. We seek to challenge the way we think about the workplace and social change.

What made you want to start the club?

We found that there was a shortage of resources on campus that equipped students with the right tools they can use to stand up for themselves at the workplace. We also wanted to provide an outlet for students who want to engage in critical thinking and discussion around labour and employment issues.

How does this club contribute to increasing the quality of life on campus for club members?

We believe that an empowered worker is a free and independent worker. We hope that getting involved with the club will provide our members with skills they can apply in their relations with their employers, be it as they are working their way through school, or after they graduate. Our events are open to members and non-members alike.

How can one become a member of the club?

They can find us on Facebook, sign up at one of our events, or simply send an email to workandeconomicjustice@gmail.com. Make sure to come out to our Know Your Rights Workshop, more info here.

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