Campus Vibes: Stepping into the Third Dimension

Meet Mr. Nicolas de Cosson, Club Manager of the UWIN_3D Print Club. Aside from being a hot shot artist from Toronto, Nicolas regularly practices digital wizardry, which in turn has helped him in creating masterful 3D printed dragon heads. He declined to comment on the compelling correlation of wizardry, dragons, interests in dimensions, and heavy knowledge of digital technology. Is Nicolas a time traveller? Possibly.

We took the time to chat with this stellar lad about his club and their focus as a student organization.

What is the club all about?

UWIN_3D Print is a University of Windsor based 3D Printing Club. Our goal is to promote the concepts and practises of 3D Printing, as well as to facilitate an educational hands on experience via regular scheduled meet-ups, workshops and events to students with an interest in 3D printing.

What made you want to start the club?

I love 3D printing and the potential it provides, so when the EPICentre approached me to start a club on campus I jumped at the opportunity. I wanted to share my knowledge and to get people excited about 3D printing!

How does this club contribute to increasing the quality of life on campus for club members?

I feel that giving students the chance to realize their concepts from digital to physical in a short amount of time is really important. Not only does providing a space for creativity and innovation support academic growth it also can support culture – the club provides a common space for like-minded people to get together and share their ideas and creations.

How can one become a member of the club?

To become a member head the UWSA Hub, find our group, and click on “join”. Enter your name and email address in the space provided and that’s it! We meet regularly on Tuesday 5pm-8pm and Saturday from 10am-4pm.

Link to UWIN_3D club page

Make sure to check out the art exhibition being held by UWIN_3D! Event link here


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