Campus Vibes: Seeking for Sikhs

(featured above from left to right) Navroop Singh Sidhu-Vice President, Avneet Singh Dhillon-President, Amolbir Singh Dhillon- Treasurer, Sukhamrit Pal Singh Boparai- Propagandist, Kanwar Singh Propagandist, Balraj Singh Gill-Propagandist.

Meet Mr. Navroop Singh Sidhu, Vice President of the Sikh Students Association. A man of global exploration and well-crafted cheesy onion pizzas, Navroop hails from India and hopes to spread awareness of Sikh culture on campus. We took the time to chat with Navroop about his club and their focus as a student organization.

What is the club all about?

The club’s initiative is to have all the Sikh students at one platform where they can interact with each other, celebrates their festivals, and help fellow Sikh students. We strive to work together to educate others about the beliefs and traditions of Sikh religion.

What made you want to start the club?

We have a lot of Sikh students studying at our University, but we didn’t have an organization for them to help others. Moreover, all the universities in Canada have a club for Sikh students, our university was lacking this. So we decided to start the club.

How does this club contribute to increasing the quality of life on campus for club members?

This club will hold meetings each semester to help the new coming students in finding accommodations, getting familiar with University offices and infrastructure, as well as getting to know the city of Windsor. The club will hold a lot of events related to Sikh culture every year, which will help the students to feel like at home while studying internationally.

How can one become a member of the club?

Anybody who is Sikh or who wants to follow and learn about Sikh culture can become a member. To become a member of this club kindly click the link below link followed by the “join” option.

Link to Sikh Students Association


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