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Meet Ms. Janny Lau, a proud Windsorite and member of the UWindsor Stem Cell Club. With family originally hailing from Hong Kong, Janny’s parents were in the process of adapting a new language as they began to start a family in Canada. When Janny was born, some vowel confusion was met when Mr. Lau penciled in “Janny” instead of “Jenny” on her birth certificate. Janny’s name is both awesome and unique. She’ll probably never meet someone else with the same spelling, and it makes Forest Gump impressions that much easier to imitate. Aside from her innovative name, Janny helps run an innovative club. We sat down with Janny to chat about her club, here’s what she had to say.


What is the club all about?

In Canada, there are more than 800 patients waiting for stem cell/bone marrow donation that can potentially save their life. As a newly founded University of Windsor club, we aim to inform our students about the need for potential stem cell/bone marrow donors, and get them on the OneMatch registry, with hopes that they can be the perfect match, the needle in the haystack, that someone is looking for!

What made you want to start the club?

We wanted to start this club because we want to make our contribution by helping improve the quality and quantity of the membership on Canada’s stem cell donor database.

How does this club contribute to increasing the quality of life on campus for club members?

The quality of life on campus for club members is enhanced because as a team, we will accomplish many things that will not only benefit ourselves (as it gives us experience in advocating for patients and developing leadership and teamwork skills when we host our swabbing events), but our actions can affect someone worldwide in need of a transplant. For non-members, we make ourselves available for questions and information about stem cell/bone marrow donations! There are a lot of myths about stem cell/bone marrow donations that may or may not be true, so we can help bust those myths and help answer those questions appropriately!

How can one become a member of the club?

We are always looking for members! You can become a member of the club by emailing uwindsorstemcell@gmail.com or connecting with us on Facebook (uWindsor Stem Cell Club) and expressing your interest. And if you have any burning questions for us, please email us or send us a message and we will get back to you ASAP!

Link to UWindsor Stem Cell Club

Make sure to join Janny and the rest of the UWindsor Stem Cell Club on March 27th at 10am for their very first Swab Event! Their goal is to reach 100 swabs, so get to the CAW this upcoming Monday and get swabbed!

Link to Facebook Event


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