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Join us on November 2nd as we fight for an accessible, just and public post-secondary system. Tell your professor that you are participating at least 48 hours before and you can leave class without any academic penalty. The Lance wrote an article about the amnesty motion passing during senate:
The first senate meeting of the current academic year had numerous faculty and administration members present. However, there were also students like Raymond Hoang, who waited on a particular motion while donning a T-shirt which said to “Fight the fees.”

“For some reason, we tell people it’s a right, but we’re treating it as a privilege,” Hoang said.

Hoang and several other students were in the Toldo Building’s Weingarden Boardroom Oct. 7 as they waited upon a motion of academic amnesty for the National Day of Action, a movement collectively brought forth by the Canadian Federation of Students. Occurring on Nov. 2, the day of action will have students come together to fight rising tuition costs and ideally move to eliminate tuition payments entirely so post-secondary education is reasonably accessible to all.

With the day of action occurring from coast to coast on a Wednesday, the passing of the motion would allow students to attend the movement without the worry of academic penalty.
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