Academic Support Vote 2020

Referendum Question 1 – YOU SAID YES!
Do you support

An Academic Support Fee of $0.55 per student per semester to provide all students with access to direct support programs, including a peer-to-peer tutoring service?



The UWSA is currently conducting a trial for the 2020 Winter semester for a peer-to-peer tutoring service, powered by Nimbus Tutoring, for University of Windsor students. This service allows students to find a tutor in their local area to meet with you or you can become a tutor and make extra money from teaching other students. The service is provided through an app on your iPhone or Android device.

If you would like to participate in the trial, you can find more information and how to download the app here.

Why should I care? What are the benefits?

A tutoring service would connect University of Windsor peers together, allow students to reach for help for their academic studies when necessary, and provide students with opportunities to volunteer their time or make additional money on the side while attending school.

Peer-to-peer tutoring services are becoming widely adopted by other universities across Canada.

Here are some stats, provided by Nimbus:
  • Students experience an increase in grade scores by 15-25%
  • 82% of students would be more satisfied if their university or college managed services digitally
  • 40% of students drop out due to academic performance without additional academic support

There are currently no other services like this available at the University of Windsor.

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