Echoing the concerns of the National Farmers Union of Canada, the UWSA recognizes this crucial time in history as the movement being referred to as the largest protest in human history occurs in India. What began as local protests in individual states has swiftly transitioned into #DelhiChalo, a globally-recognized movement of farmers across India protesting against three recently-assented agricultural bills. Since then, in cities across Canada, the United States, and beyond, including here in Windsor, people have been expressing their recognition of the plights faced by these farmers. We recognize that agricultural policies that serve to gouge the livelihoods of hard-working farmers and create an opening for exploitative private corporations will have far-reaching and unfortunate effects on many millions of farmers and their families.

We thank the students who have reached out to us about this, and our hearts go out to all those affected, domestically or internationally. Housing a food pantry for students on campus has been a longtime commitment of ours and it is a strong reminder of issues surrounding food security across the world, especially now. Agriculture is an industry that is heavily dependent on safety nets provided by the government and with the lack of support currently available for farmers in India, we thank organizations such as Khalsa Aid that are currently ensuring that those protesting are fed and sheltered during these unfortunate times.

We reaffirm our support by saying that these farmers, many of whom were met with violence and brutality despite their peaceful protest, deserve a restoration of respect, justice, and peace as they continue to fight for their rights.