The UWSA has been the students’ voice to the University regarding the alternative arrangements for final grading. The University was prepared to offer 3 choices to students but only AFTER they have already been required to undertake final assessments.

We only received the University’s final decision on Thursday, March 26th. We heard student concerns immediately and issued a formal response with all the representative student organizations on campus within 4 days.

The UWSA had proposed a grade freeze to the University, but they chose not to include it as an option to students.

Students, there is still work to be done to ensure flexibility and accessibility in the University’s decision on final grading choices for ALL students. We hear your concerns and are actively working with the University to provide a better solution that works for everyone. We are asking that you email your Dean and the Provost (


Below is the full joint-letter from the UWSA and all representative student organizations on campus.


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